Signature Organic Facials

Y Natural Facials

100% Natural, Organic and Individually Tailored Facials

At Clarity, we source only the finest of products to offer you treatments that are far more than just skin deep. Luxurious, beautiful and well-considered products to give you the ultimate, personalised moment of Clarity.

We specialise in Y natural products, which are simply divine. South Australian made and owned, certified organic, certified cruelty free… with absolutely NO silicone ingredients, NO petrochemical ingredients, NO synthetic alcohols, NO paraben preservatives, NO artificial colours or fragrances. You will not find a purer skin care on earth.

The first time you come in to see us, we do a skin analysis so that we have the best chance to choose the products that are best suited to your skin plus the facial gives you the chance to experience how the products feel on your skin. In this way, you can be sure that the products are just right for you.

Whether you need to deep cleanse, calm or restore: We have the treatment that will help you glow!

Our Clarity Organic Signature Facial includes a scrumptious scalp massage, soothing foot treatment and cleansing herbal tea. Tailored to your individual needs, you will leave floating on air.

Facial Treatments:

60 minute Clarity Signature Organic Facial $115.00

30 minute Clarity Express Organic Facial $75.00


2 hours of Clarity: 60 minute Signature Facial + 60 minute Massage $195.00

1 hour of Clarity: 30 minute Express Facial + 30 minute Massage $ 125.00

90 minutes of Clarity: Your choice of Massage  + Facial length up to 90mins $160.00

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