Y Natural Products

organic facials clarity wellness ynaturalWhy Y?

We searched high & low to find a skincare range that not only ticked all the boxes in terms of quality of ingredients & a compatible company ethos, but one that actually worked…& we found it. Better than that, it just so happened to be in our backyard! Y-Natural is South Australian made & owned, certified organic & certified cruelty free & with absolutely NO silicone ingredients, NO petrochemical ingredients, NO synthetic alcohols, NO paraben preservatives, NO artificial colours or fragrances.

Think pure plant extracts and oils that have been carefully selected for their natural skin benefits; Frankincense to protect & fortify ageing skin, Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) to heal, soothe & restore chapped & cracked skin, & Rosalina – as well as other members of the Myrtaceae (Tea Tree) family –  for their antiseptic qualities.

You will not find a purer skin care on earth. We are delighted to use these luxurious products in our Clarity facials & have plenty more tid bits and info over here at the blog.

Y natural is radically different to any skin care you’ve ever tried before. Here’s Y:

Results. It’s healthy skin that looks best and ages slowest. It’s healthy hair that shines and is the most eye-catching.  So Y natural delivers exactly what your skin and hair need to become healthy and look the best they possibly can.

Luxury. Our luxury ingredients, including the best quality Certified Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto which costs more per ounce than gold, are the envy of even the best of the prestige European brands. The luxury of the ingredients is matched by the sumptuous textures and evocative scents, to delight all your senses.

Purity. We use absolutely no harmful chemicals, just pure plant extracts and oils. Y won’t even use an oil if it’s been extracted using a chemical other than water, so you can be sure there’s nothing more pure than Y natural.

Naturally beneficial. Being natural doesn’t guarantee that it’s beneficial: arsenic is natural, but we don’t recommend that you rub it into your skin.  For us to include an ingredient, it has to be natural and beneficial.  For example, we won’t use ethanol (alcohol) even though it can be Certified Organic, because it doesn’t meet our uncompromising standards for benefit to skin and hair.

Organic. Y natural is Australian Certified Organic Processor 10995P. We chose to work to achieve ACO accreditation because ACO is widely regarded as having the most stringent standards for the certification of personal care products in the world.

Ethical and Certified Cruelty Free. Our natural skin care and hair care contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. But we also constantly seek new ways to raise the bar across the whole of our industry. We don’t just trumpet about one issue as a cover for other sins – Y has absolutely nothing to hide. We make every effort to be ethical in every way.

Smart. Here at Y natural, we want to know everything about everything. So we work hard to keep up with the science of skin care and the state of product regulatory laws across the world, as well as environmental, ethical, social, and a host of other relevant issues. We aim to find out everything about skin care that you might want to know, and pass it on, so that you can find all your information in one place.

This is why you would choose Y.  At last there’s a smart, beautiful Australian range that’s exactly what it says it is: the most ethical and naturally beneficial skin care and hair care in the world. 

It’s what we put in that makes you look and feel fabulous.  It’s what we leave out that gives you peace of mind. Y natural is safe for you, safe for the environment.