Pre & Post Massage Care


Pre & Post Massage Care

What should I do before my massage?

Please arrive for your session feeling satiated (but not too full of food!), well hydrated, clean and in comfortable clothing.

Your therapist will discuss with you how much clothing to remove for your particular session requirements.

Post Treatment Care

You will be given a take-home welcome pack which includes some suggestions on how to best take care of yourself after your session.

Individual stretches and strengthening exercises will be given to you depending on your body’s needs; to get the most out of your massage treatments we encourage you to incorporate these into your routine.

As well as your specific post treatment exercises, we suggest:

  • Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and support increased circulation and lymphatic activity
  • Eating a nutritious, protein-rich meal to support muscle recovery
  • Applying topical ointment such as Fisiocrem to any areas that may be sore or marked from treatments such as Myofascial Cupping or Dry Needling
  • Taking it easy! Massage can often provide you with a boost of energy and lightness, but can sometimes leave you feeling wiped out and sore – listen to your body and if you feel you need some rest; do so!
  • Utilising post treatment aids such as: Spiky Balls, Foam Rollers, Tennis Balls and Resistance Bands, to continue the results of treatment and clearing any resistant areas.
  • And most importantly: SMILE! You’ve just taken good care of yourself and HAD A MASSAGE 🙂
  • If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to call us on 8239 0575, email us at

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