Sore hips? Try these.

By Shannon Calerbank – Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

Spring has sprung and summer’s not far away.

This is the time of year we all get the urge to get back into fitness after the more sedentary winter months.

But with a sudden increase in activity, your joints and muscles can pull up quite stiff and sore.

And while these symptoms can be a normal part of getting moving again, they can also deter us from continuing our fitness journey.

Just remember, it’s important to ease slowly back into unaccustomed activity.

(Note: If your pain is acute or unreasonable, cease the activity and consult your allied health professional and Clarity therapist).

Incorporating a few simple stretches into our pre and, especially post activity routine can help reduce symptoms.

Here are a few of my favourite stretches using the foam roller:

Two-in-one hip stretch


Lying over roller at lower back (sacrum) level.

One leg out straight (feel stretch over front of hip joint and through muscle)

Other leg hugging to chest (add circles to release through hip).

Hip Opener And Adductor Stretch


Lying on stomach with one leg straight.

Other leg bent at approximately 90 degrees to side, knee on roller (or chi ball).

Roll ball or roller in and out away from body (stretch should be through front of hip and adductor (inner thigh muscle).

Muscle Rolling – a great way to release muscle tightness



Sitting with roller under back of thighs.

Support weight though hands and roll up and down upper legs with roller.


Lying propped on elbows or hands, roller under front of thighs.

Roll up and down on roller from knees to hips.


Prop on elbow or hand in side lying, roller under thigh.

Roll up and down from knee to hip bone.


Sitting on roller, cross one leg over the other and lean towards top (crossed leg).

Roll through bottom muscle.

Please listen to your body!

Some of these stretches may not be suitable depending on your pre existing injuries/health conditions.

Remember to consult with your clarity specialist before trying these stretches.

Happy pain-free and springy Spring!

Shannon Calderbank

B. Physiotherapy

Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Polestar Pilates Instructor Certification

Want to get in touch with Shannon? She can be found strutting her stuff at Goodlife Health Club, North Adelaide. Click the link to find out more!

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