Help us say no to massage rebate cuts!

Today we’re putting our serious pants on. Don’t be alarmed. It’s for a good cause!

There’s change afoot for remedial massage rebates and we need your help saying no.

The government wants to reduce the amount you get back in order to cut costs. Which doesn’t sit well with us, knowing how incredibly beneficial remedial therapies are for health.

Want to tell them what you think about the proposed changes?

(Politely, of course).

All it involves is taking part in this quick survey.

Stand up for your right to claim! (Then lie back down on the massage table and get treatment on that arm you were wildly waving).

Massage is claimable, and rightly so.

But the government wants to reduce rebates in order to cut costs.  

Not cool, higher powers.

Want to tell them what you think about it?

(Politely, of course).

You can, by taking part in this quick survey.

This is the question you need to pay attention to:

Q: Which factors do you value most highly about your General Treatment (‘Extras’) cover?

Rank this answer as No.1:

A: Benefits for natural therapies (e.g. naturopathy, homeopathy, remedial massage, pilates, yoga)

Click the link to head to the survey and do your bit for complementary therapies. It takes less than a minute and could save you oodles of $$$.

Thank you so much for supporting remedial massage – and us!

Clarity Admin

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