How to make the most delicious edible multivitamin, ever!

Organ meats have fallen out of fashion. Once a staple part of the human diet – borne of necessity and waste-free frugality – people unwittingly ate the most nutritious parts of the animal. Regularly and without fuss. In fact, hunter-gatherer tribes, recognizing the supreme value of offal, would toss the muscle meat to the dogs and eat the organs exclusively. (Spare a thought for those long-suffering pooches with their eye-fillet schmackos). Likewise, carnivores head straight for the gizzards after a kill; an instinctual pull.

Now, we tend to pinch our noses and drop organs disdainfully into the bin. Or, refuse to handle them at all – it’s done for us, out of sight at the abattoir. There is little demand for these unappealing meat ‘by-products’.

But I’m determined to convince you, with well-lit images and Naturopathic factoids, that organs should be back on the menu. And fortunately, pâté is one of the least threatening and widely-enjoyed organ-based dishes.

Get the recipe and MORE reasons to include Chicken Liver Pate in your diet over at Catie’s blog.

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