Did you know headaches can result from spending too long at your computer?

Sitting for long periods of time could be doing your body harm. And working at a computer can put extra strain on your neck and shoulders resulting in all sorts of aches and pains.

You know the signs … that uncomfortable stiffness that occurs long the top of your shoulders and in between your shoulder blades? And what about that pain that radiates up the back of your neck? You start rolling your head, grabbing your shoulders and arching your back with a grimace.

Sometimes these issues can lead to stress headaches and this can seriously compromise your productivity.

Your poor, tired muscles need help and that’s where we step in and let you know that you need to: Stop. Stretch. Breathe. Hydrate.

In fact, we think this message is so important, we’ve devised a print out especially for you that you can stick on your desk. Not only with this remind you to do what’s really important for your body but it’ll have the effect of increasing your performance at work.

How great is that?

And, hey, remember we’re here to nurture and support your body when you need it the most. So make sure you have a regular massage to help keep you stress-free and on top of your game.


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