moving stagnant energy

4 Ways to Move Stagnant Energy

4 Ways to Move Stagnant Energy


Like a river, energy flows. When there is stagnation, issues can arise. As restrictions ease & we find ourselves slowly emerging from our cocooned existence over the past two years, we may be feeling like we need an energetic tuneup.

Clear out the stuckness, heaviness & inertia with these simple tips to get back into (energetic) flow:

moving stagnant energy

Move: one of the easiest way to get things flowing is physical activity, & it doesn’t need to be formal practice – it could be simply be stamping your feet, shaking your limbs or performing any intuitive movement that feels good. Listen & respond to your body’s wisdom about what it needs & move accordingly.

Breathwork: conscious breathing gives stagnant energy momentum. As we breathe, energy flows through our bodies in waves, constantly moulding & restructuring the pattern of energy that is our energy flow. Try diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing) to energise your cells while, at the same time, calming your nervous system.

Water: up to 60% of the human adult body is water. Water is essential in every system & function of the body, & keeping hydrated helps keep everything moving along nicely.

Massage: the release of muscular & emotional tension during bodywork can help to free up blockages, allowing fluids – & energy! – to flow more freely. There is also something wonderfully soothing about lying on a massage table & tuning into the inner experience & sensations of energy moving through your body.

Need to get things flowing again? Book in a massage today.

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