5 ways to boost your hydration throughout the day

Today we welcome our magnificent skin-magicians from Organic Spa, to teach us all about Hydration 101 – 5 ways to boost your hydration throughout the day.


With winter well and truly upon us, you might be feeling the early signs of dehydrated and stressed skin. Look for signs such as dry, sensitive and red skin which are early signs that you’re in need of a hydration boost! Luckily, organicspa has winter covered, here are 5 ways to boost your hydration so your skin can repair, renew and replenish itself.

1. Drink a glass of water on the hour
When your mind is busy at work it’s easy to forget to drink your recommended dose of 8 glasses of water a day. A simple trick to remember this is to have a tall glass of water on the hour every hour. Over a standard work day this simple trick means you will have successfully consumed your 8 glasses by the time you leave the office!
Keep a notepad and pen by your side so you can tally each glass as the day goes on.

2. Add lemon or berries to your water
Sometimes when we drink a lot of water our body processes it very quickly, meaning we often find ourselves running to the loo every twenty minutes! A simple trick is to add some lemon or a couple of frozen berries to your water, adding these little doses of vitamins and minerals will require your body a little extra time to digest, leaving you hydrated for longer.

3. Add a litre of water for every hour of exercise
For every hour of exercise, replenish your body with an extra litre of water. In the colder months, even if you’re not sweating as much, the body can become dehydrated just as easily as in the Summer. The longer you exercise the more water you need, so be sure to drink up the H20 before, during and after you hit the gym.

4. Ditch the caffeine
Even though we love it, the caffeine in our beloved coffees can cause our bodies to become dehydrated. To really see some noticeable improvements in the quality of your skin, reduce your intake of caffeine to just one cup of coffee a day.

5. Moisturize
A repairing and moisture-rich skin regime are crucial for soft, smooth and healthy skin during winter. As the largest organ in the body, our skin drinks up everything we put on it, so it’s important to remember that ingredients do matter! Our range of gorgeous, hydrating moisturizers can renew and
replenish even the most dehydrated of skin and infuse it with antioxidant-rich, nourishing hydration. Check out our range below to see which one suits you.


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Day Moisture – Combination, Sensitive
Created using 84% certified organic and 100% naturally derived ingredients, our Day Moisture cream is suitable for combination and sensitive skin and includes a rich blend of vitamins and antioxidants to help protect the skin against dehydration while repairing it with essential nutrients.

Intense Moisture – Dry, Mature, Sensitive
Our organicspa Intense Moisture cream is designed with regenerative, protective and revitalizing properties for normal, dry, dehydrated and mature skin. This gorgeous cream is a concentrated formula of vitamin An enriched ingredients and active moisturizing agents. This is an intense moisturizer that replenishes deep into the basal layer of the skin and is crafted with 84% certified organic and 100% naturally derived ingredients.

Moisture Control – Oily, Combination
Moisture Control is blended using a total of 95% certified organic and 100% naturally derived ingredients and is a light, soothing and refreshing mattifying lotion. This gorgeous product helps to restore balance to the skin and includes nourishing and toning properties of Honeysuckle Extract and organic Aloe Vera.

Moisture Rich – Dry, Mature
The organicspa Moisture Rich cream is a restorative and enriching cream with 89% certified organic ingredients. This product is designed for the driest of skins and incorporates a divine combination of rosehip, cocoa butter, oils and extracts to restore suppleness to the skin.

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