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At Clarity, we love bodies.

Who are we?

A team of compassionate, sassy & non-judgemental health practitioners committed to women’s wellness. Our mission is to make every woman feel heard, accepted, informed – to provide A’s to your burning Q’s (trust us, we’ve been there). We live by our values. Offer solutions that DON’T create more problems. We work with the body, not against her. We think you’re already awesome – and will tell you so; we just help you get that little bit awesomer.


What do we stand for?

Happy bodies. Nurtured bodies. Bodies supported in their quest to be the best. Joyous bodies. Bodacious bodies. Bodies that cannot be separated from the mind + emotions. Health at every size. Laughter. Creativity. Functional bodies that launch off the diving board and into the rippling beyond – life. Pain-free living. Best bodies ever – FEELING SASSY. You are perfect just the way you are (but if you want to tweak a few things, that’s totally cool, too. We’re here for you. And will offer solutions that WORK).


What do we stand against?

McMassage, the one-size-fits-all approach. Flagellating, no-pain-no-gain. Stress & tension. Body shaming. Cold, sterile, clinic spaces.  Soulless cookie-cutter wishy washy body ‘fluff’ treatments. Rushed, disengaged experiences. Chemically laden products that harm your skin more than help it. Stiff upper lip suggestions that you cannot get any better. Misinformation. Separation of body + mind.


What are our specialties?

Helping you remove layers of stress in a safe and comforting environment. Pain relief. Speaking your language. Restoring de-energised folk to their former glory. In fact, helping de-energised folk reach new heights of potential (thanks to free-flowing, functional, healthy bods). Joyful wellness embodied through experiences which make you feel warm and fuzzy. Nurturing experiences with a healthy dose of evidence based clinical care.


What makes our audience fist pump?

Wellness without sacrifice. The opportunity to be open and honest, validation and encouragement to be kind, not just to others but to yourself, too. We are role models for women’s wellness – we live our message (and post selfies sometimes of us doing things). We celebrate wins and have a giggle about royal muck ups. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we DO take your wellbeing seriously.


What are our core messages?

Move Freely, Live Boldly, Seek Clarity.

There’s no body too big, too small or too broken: we cater for every age, fitness, lifestyle and ability. And we’re here to help you!

Whether it’s injury, stress, or IBS, we address and treat what’s limiting you in life… so you can get back out there and enjoy it.

Every client and treatment is unique

Our treatments are individually tailored, free from assumptions. We take the time to listen, assess and understand every person – creating the perfect solution to suit you, not just a cookie-cutter treatment protocol.

We work to your goals

You’re encouraged to find your ideal state of balance, be it; the ability to bend over and pick up your kids / to have a work day without headaches / to calm your IBS / or to run 100km at 5am (whatever floats your boat). We’ll help you get there.

We celebrate health – with joy and enthusiasm!

We’re passionate and super nerdy practitioners who want to learn everything possible about our chosen fields.

Got a technical question? We’d love to answer it. Understanding what’s going on in your body is empowering and fascinating.

We celebrate you to come as you are

Clarity prides itself on being a welcoming, nurturing space for all individuals. Your wellbeing is of paramount importance to us and we are honoured to support those of all age, size, shape, gender, sexuality and ability.

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All Clarity practitioners are fully qualified and recognised Private Health Providers. We have HICAPS on site for you to claim your rebate with extras cover.

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