Remedial Massage

Our Mission, Visi0n & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to positively impact the wellbeing of our clientele by providing a range of quality products and professional services, which include unique events such as workshops and classes.

The Clarity team endeavours to nurture genuine relationships with our loyal clientele and exceed expectations with our individual care and attention to detail.

Clarity aims to provide a warm, friendly, inspiring environment that informs and transforms all who seek to move freely and live boldly. Find our more About Us Here.

Clarity is a thriving, highly-regarded wellness centre that’s seen as a positive mainstay in the community.

As such, Clarity flourishes through a supportive, ever-growing network. Word of mouth referrals are a major contributing factor to its success.

Clarity continues to take every opportunity to promote a sense of community by supporting local charities and events.

Through exemplary care, quality education and compassionate support, Clarity’s team continues to ease pain and soothe stress for both men and women alike.

Clarity’s team of quality practitioners and consultants are reputed to be dedicated, friendly and caring. Practitioners, consultants and wellbeing professionals aspire to join the Clarity team. Clarity’s team is a living demonstration of its core values.

Our Vision

Our Values


We are caring and considerate towards all people in the Clarity community; team members, clients, neighbours and colleagues. We welcome, nurture and celebrate diversity in people of all size, race, age, religion, gender and sexuality; treating them with compassion and respect.


Everything we do at Clarity; treatments, events, classes, workshops and products are of the highest standard. We act with professionalism and are committed to assessing and improving our offerings by seeking regular feedback to assist us in doing so. As a team we are committed to professional and personal development to ensure we are providing all who come to Clarity with the best possible care to meet the needs of our clients.


We work constructively and collaboratively with our team, referring clinics, practitioners, neighbours and colleagues in order to offer multidisciplinary care to our clients. We inspire community by engaging in events that help to support the local area, community and district.

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