We are a team of warm, enthusiastic and friendly practitioners who are looking for a fellow remedial massage therapist to join our ‘Clarity Family’ at Adelaide’s Best Health & Wellbeing Centre.

A note on our post-COVID lockdown (in Adelaide!) world...

In the post-COVID lockdown (in Adelaide!) world, we don’t think we’re alone in noticing a trend for people to turn inward and more insular. As a massage therapist, we’ve observed a number of therapists in the community make the choice to stand down from their practice or decide to take their practice into their home and operate solo.


Our health and wellbeing is dramatically informed by our community and connection with those around us, we see time and time again that communication and relationships are the stalwart of both mental and physical wellbeing. Both of which suffered during our period of lockdown, and continue to suffer in other states.


What we most love about Clarity and being a part of our crew is the sense of comeraderie, family, support and vibrant energy. This culture – infused also with professionalism, multi-modality education and joy – feeds out into our loyal client base and positively informs the health and wellbeing of all who come into our centre.


We have seen a stark increase in demand for our services since re-opening (a sign of peoples’ want for nurturing and wellbeing!) and are seeking a couple of fantastic remedial massage therapists to join our team.


We understand that there may be some concern or nervousness around returning to the new “normal”, at Clarity we are proud of our COVID-Safe practices and protocols, which ensure the health and safety of our team, as well as our regular team training and get togethers which ensure the health of all of our spirits.


Come and join us, enjoy being part of a collaborative and supportive team, learn from practitioners of different backgrounds and experiences, indulge in staff-discounted treatments, products and classes and share lots of laughter, tea and good health with a group of likeminded human-beans.


This is an employed position (not a sham contracting role), remunerated as a valued Health Professional under the Health Professionals and Support Services Award.


Interested? Like to know more details? Drop us a question, we’d love to chat!

We are seeking a Remedial Massage Therapist to join our joyful crew! Is this you? Please read a bit more About Us and check out the details below.

About Clarity: Clarity is home to a multi-disciplinary team who offer a range of services including: remedial massage, pregnancy massageacupuncture, naturopathy, postpartum care, facials, group treatments, small workshops and events.

This award-winning and dynamic team creates a supportive environment of community, holistic care and shared knowledge. We live by our values of compassion, community and excellence, creating a space for people from all walks of life to feel truly welcomed and individually cared for.


We love to work together, with collaboration between practitioners and modalities, to ensure the best outcomes for our clients; offering a truly holistic experience of care for our clients, and a unique and rewarding environment for therapists.


We can’t wait to hear from you!


~ Sarah and The Clarity Family

Here are some of the things you can expect with employment at Clarity:

An employed position, remunerated as a Health Professional under the Health Professionals and Support Services Award. This is not a sham contract position – it means that you are paid for every hour you work (including your valued time between clients, clinic notes, set up + pack up, meetings and training time) – not just for the massage sessions you perform!

All equipment, materials, laundering, marketing, training, advertising and products for performing massage are provided by Clarity

We have a friendly full-time admin team who manage all client admin, payments, bookings and enquiries; so your focus is on what you do best: caring for your clients.

Clarity has a focus on innovation and development, regularly collaborating to review our systems and processes to offer a positive and streamlined experience for practitioners and clients alike.

Clarity offers in-house training, workshops and professional development for team members. We are passionate about learning and improving our skills, and collaborating on ways to learn, develop and be creative!

Clarity has a uniquely warm, positive, nurturing and welcoming environment. We passionately live by our values and would love for the right person to become a part of our Clarity Family!

There are some nitty gritties, 'course:

The minimum requirements to be considered for the role are:


You have your Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT50307 / HLT52015)

You are eligible for all Private Health Provider numbers

You hold current Association Membership (eg. AAMT / MMA / ATMS / AMT)

You are aligned with our mission, standards and values and are onboard with our approach to client care.

Reckon you’d be a shoe-in? Yay!

Drop us a line here and tell us a bit about you, your passions, why you came to massage and what attracts you to Clarity!
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