Acupuncture to Support Your Pregnancy

Acupuncture to Support Your Pregnancy


acupuncturepregnancyOne of the many bonuses I get working at Clarity is seeing lots of pregnant mummas-to-be. They are an absolute joy to give treatments to. They come to see me for a many different reasons – morning sickness, general well being, breech bubs, preparation for labour, and labour induction.

The last reason is what I want to talk briefly about today; Many women get very stressed about the thought of having a chemical induction, especially now when it is pushed from just one week after the calculated due date. I don’t think anybody wants to be chemically induced, but I think it’s also important to trust in what will be, will be.

Remember that a baby can pick up on stress, so stressing about a chemical induction is in fact counter-productive to both mum and bub. The best labours I hear of are those where the woman seeks to be as calm as possible before the labour by utilizing different tools such as prenatal yoga, acupuncture, massage, meditation, good diet and mild exercise.

At the end of the day, or should I say at the end of your pregnancy, whether you have a natural birth or not may be out of your control, so don’t make that your focus. By all means do everything you can to facilitate a natural birth, but make the focus on making sure Mum and Bub are as healthy and happy as possible.

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