The Art of Slowing Down…..creatively

Wee! It’s WOMAD!

The Art of Slowing Down…..creatively

Mad March has dazzled us. With all her festivals, food, music, theatre, street roving, over-indulgence, bright lights and buzz.

This time of year is a spectacle and a delight, and a time where I (Sarah, captain of good-ship Clarity) heartily believe everyone should get out amidst the colour and creativity of Adelaide at it’s best! That said, with so many things on (and Easter just around the corner!) it can be hard to find time to slow down, check in with yourself and relax.

I hear so many people echoing the phrase “Where has this week / month / year gone!!??”  which I feel can be attributed to that state of perpetual momentum, busy-ness and lack of reflection.

But, let’s be honest….some of that focused “donw-time” can be a liiiiiiittle bit lacking in cool-ness, so I thought I’d take the time to share with you my “Four Bs to feel blissed out (and funky fresh)”. These are my loved ways to slow down and re-calibrate, supported by 2 of my all-time fave things: Music and Aromatherapy. Check out the links to find the tunes, and check us out in-store to purchase essential oils:

Sare’s Four Bs to feel blissed out (and funky fresh)

1. Beach

Take that soulful soundtrack you discovered while scrolling through festival timetables down to the sand and go for a stroll on the beach. Dip your toes in the water and refresh your feet from days of stomping in the grass or nights of high-heeled fringe show wandering. Soak up the minerals from the ocean (did you know a dip in the sea is a great way to get some magnesium into your tissues!?), take a deep breath and remind yourself that this fluid connects us to the rest of the world. You are but one human. This too shall pass.

Music of Choice: The calming keys of Ludivico Einaudi (namely the one where he is playing piano to whales IN THE ARCTIC ON A FLOATING BIT OF ICE) what a legend….in a super calm kind of way.

Essential Oils for the mood: Ylang Ylang, Orange, Lavender.

2. Bath

If the liquid of the ocean seems too far to get your weary limbs down to, why not run a warm bath? Bring in some of your leafy frondy friends from the garden to create a calm, jungley atmosphere, and light some candles to give additional ambiance. Make sure you have the space to yourself so there are no kids, pets or spousal interruptions (I suggest a note on the door indicating you current body-stewing arrangements)

Music of Choice: The ethereal, atmospheric (and entirely unintelligible) sounds of Iceland’s own Sigur Ros. 

Essential Oils for the mood: Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang.

3. Beats

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, sometimes the art of slowing down requires an initial art of, well, speeding up! Getting some focused blood-pumping movement happening can be just the key to re-regulate all that stress and energy. The post-exercise calm (coupled with one of the other “B’s”!) is great for your entire system. So, get your booty down to the park for a brisk walk or jog, or to the gym for some pumping, jumping and lifting to get the funky jams from your ears right into your soul.

Music of Choice: The funky, energetic beats of Spanish rap artist Ana Tijoux. Feel her immense sassiness and get yourself movin’ & shakin’! Before stopping and breathing, of course.

Essential Oils for the mood: Peppermint, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus.

4. Brushing

If all of the above is just a bit too physical, how about creating a light, calm and peaceful space where you can simply brush some paint on paper. Or canvas. Or wood. Or skin! Whichever material is available to you. Painting can be highly therapeutic and does not need to be with an aim to create an image perse. Simply putting brush (or crayon, pencil, charcoal or pen) to paper and creating shapes can be immensely relaxing.

No paint? Try beetroot juice, wine, food colouring….anything else colourful you have around the place. The only limit is your imagination! (…and who’s job it is to clean up)

Music of Choice: The bluesy, folksy tunes of Adelaide’s own The Wanderers. Let their multi-layered harmonies put you in the juicy creative zone.

Essential Oils for mood: Rose Geranium, Patchouli, Cardamon

And of course, if all else fails, you know just where to come to ease those woes and have a space to bliss out and re-centre. Book Online for any of our services or classes at ANYTIME (particularly at 3am when you can’t sleep ‘coz your neck hurts). Go on, you deserve it after all that head banging.

With love and (creative) calm,



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