Ask Me Anything – Real Business Owners Get Real!

sarah watson real business owners get real eventEvent: Ask Me Anything – Real Business Owners Get Real!

Facilitated by Con Koutsikas, this interactive event provides you with the opportunity to ask our panel of business leaders anything!

Our panelists are not motivational speakers trying to sell you a programme. They are real business owners, taking time out of their hectic lives to offer insight into how they evolved from sole trader to leader of a thriving business with a large team. You’ll hear from:

• Sarah Watson of Clarity Massage and Wellness Centre

• Ben Ballard of Complete Removals and Mesomorph Crossfit

• Tammy Edwards of Tuckfield Conveyancing and Tammy’s Table by Tammy Edwards

With unique perspectives and lived experience in diverse industries, Sarah, Ben and Tammy are willing to share with you what they have learned throughout their personal business journeys.

We guarantee this session will motivate, inspire and give you a fresh perspective on how you can grow your own business in 2020 and beyond.

Questions for our panellists may be submitted when booking your ticket to this event, so put your thinking caps on!

Our panelists are:

sarah watsonSarah Watson

Sarah Watson gained a new appreciation for the body and mind when she attended rehab after major surgery. Following her recovery, she travelled the world and learned more about the positive impact of bodywork and preventative health first-hand from teachers in both Asia and Sweden.

Returning to Adelaide energised, Sarah had a clear vision to create a multidisciplinary wellness centre with a unique focus on personalised care and joyful wellness. Starting her Remedial Massage business as a sole trader in 2010, she opened Clarity Massage and Wellness Centre on Melbourne Street in 2013, engaging her first team members and embarking on an exciting journey.

Since then the Melbourne Street space has expanded to house a team of 19 professionals offering Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Care, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Exercise Physiology, Yoga, Pilates events and more. Clarity has been voted Adelaide’s Best Health & Wellbeing Centre for 2 consecutive years, and Sarah is especially proud that the business has grown organically, primarily through word of mouth referrals and recommendations.

Ocean Waste Plastic Organic Spa Clarity Wellness (12) Ben Ballard

After a short stint as a butcher in his teens, Ben Ballard found his true passion when he began working at Complete Removals, a small business running three trucks.

Ben started as an offsider in a truck and gradually worked his way through the ranks with stints as a driver, leading hand, operations manager, general manager and sales manager.

Having gained a very broad skill set and with big plans to start his own business, Ben handed in his notice. Or tried to! Impressed with his work ethic and commitment, the owner of Complete Removals invited Ben to become a partner in the business instead.

The business has now grown to a fleet of eight trucks and trailers and frequently scales up to 18 trucks during peak seasons. The business also manages 1000m3 of warehouse storage.

Keen to combine his business experience with his love of exercise, Ben and a few of his good mates started Mesomorph Crossfit in February 2016 and purchased a second gym in June 2017.

tammy edwardsTammy Edwards

When Tammy started her business as a sole trader 14 years ago, she could never have imagined that she would grow Tuckfield Conveyancing into one of South Australia’s most progressive and largest conveyancing brands and be responsible for 12 staff averaging 30 property settlements each week.

But she did have a clear goal from the very beginning – to build a thriving business that wasn’t dependent on her working 60-hour weeks for its long-term success.

Having successfully achieved this goal, Tammy has recently sold Tuckfields and embarked on a new chapter in life, one which enables her to pursue her true purpose of bringing people together in positive environments.

Tammy’s current focus is on her business mastermind group ‘Tammy’s Table by Tammy Edwards’ and offering one-on-one mentoring and consulting which fulfils her passion for helping other business owners take charge of their future.

Con KoutsikasCon Koutsikas

With a master’s degree from Life University, Con’s life has been a tapestry of experiences from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, heartbreak and loss, exuberance and joy. From business and relationships (yes, plural!), to family and children (and the loss of one). His journey has led him to discover his true gift and passion; speaking, training and entertaining.

As an articulate Speaker, Communicator, Trainer and Coach, Con shares his stories with his unique and entertaining perspectives and is passionate about helping people discover their own voice by overcoming fear and learning skills to gain confidence and improve their speaking and communication.




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