Autumn Skin and Body

Autumn skin and body

Our resident skin expert Chantal offers some great suggestions on how to keep your skin conditioned and comfy as we slip into the cooler months:

As we move into the cooler weather, now is the time to get prepared to keep yourself hydrated. We tend to dehydrate our skin more due to hot steamy showers, using more heating and drinking less water.

If you have an oily skin type, you will notice more oil flow and potentially more breakouts. If you have more of a dry skin type, it will start to feel more ‘papery’ and fine wrinkles will appear deeper and more noticeable. All skin types may experience some skin flaking, especially in the nasal groove (sides of the nose) as this is an area that easily gets a build up of dead skin cells which then form a barrier that your moisturiser cannot penetrate. So don’t forget to keep up the exfoliating 1-2 times a week.

To win the battle of hydration during this time, you will need: SKIN CONDITIONERS!
These are like a hydrating drink for your face in a spray form. So you can give your skin a top up of hydration anytime, even over your makeup. In fact they are fantastic to spray over your makeup to help set it and give it a more natural look. As the molecules are so fine they will also reach your skin underneath.

There are 2 different skin conditioners from the Y natural range. Both are loaded with aloe vera, organic nutrients, botanical extracts and essential oils to soothe, hydrate and also fight breakouts. The best way to use them is to spray over the face and neck once youre out of the shower and then whilst it’s still damp, apply your serum and moisturiser. This will result in you using less product and pulling these products deeper into the skin for maximum benefit. Then pop your skin conditioner in your bag so you can spritz yourself throughout the day.

Oily, combination, problem skin – 403 REFINE is for you. This one will help you fight breakouts with its organic nettle extract and lemon scented tea tree oil. Team this up with its organic Niaouli oil which helps lessen the appearance of breakouts as well as organic apple extracts to nourish and moisturise the skin and you have the perfect companion to helping keep your skin looking clear, fresh and balanced.

Normal, dry, mature skin – 400 GRACE is for you.
Calming, soothing and nourishing, this one will reduce redness and sensitivity with its organic rose otto oil. The Calendula extract will smooth and soften the skin plumping out fine lines, coupled with an organic bilberry extract
  will reduce any itching from dryness.

Flaky scalp with the change of seasons?

Try this easy remedy to soothe your scalp and improve hair growth!
Add a few drops of rosemary and cedarwood essential oils into some olive or coconut oil. Apply to your scalp and really massage in to help lift dead skin and maximise absorption of the oil. Leave for at least 30 minutes. Then hit the shower and shampoo and condition as per usual. If your hair is on the greasier end of the scale you may want to shampoo twice.

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