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Building Your Core Strength

Building Your Core Strength


When do you feel at your strongest? Is it when you:

  • have healthy self-esteem & back yourself?
  • feel & follow your ‘gut instinct’?
  • are motivated & empowered to create a life that lights you up?
  • have established healthy boundaries in your work & in personal relationships?
  • are able to let go of thoughts, attitudes & behaviours that no longer serve you?


Perhaps it’s a combination of some or all of the above?

If you’re not feeling this way, what can you do about it? How can you reclaim your personal power, energy, will & ambition? The Eastern tradition would say to work on your solar plexus chakra… but if that concept is a little too esoteric – a bridge too far! – then consider this instead: take a Pilates class.

No, seriously, work on your core! Strengthening your core muscles helps you to build confidence, self-belief & physical & mental stamina (it also fuels your solar plexus chakra – but again, if you don’t want to go there, don’t!) Having a strong core is great from a functional movement perspective, however, there’s more to it than that. There is something that having a solid base for your body does on an emotional & energetic level. A strong centre enables you to stay upright & stand strong on your own two feet, & you can rely on this inner strength to help you to meet life’s challenges.

Pilates is more than just a physical practice – it can radically enhance mental, emotional & spiritual well being too. As Joseph Pilates himself said, “Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind & spirit can ever be attained. Self-confidence follows.”

So! Practice Pilates to move well, walk tall & live life BETTER!

You can build your core strength by attending one of our Pilates & Pilates/Yoga Fusion classes. Haven’t tried Pilates before? No worries! Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. 

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