How to care for your Himalayan Salt Lamp

clarity-himalayan-salt-lamp-natural-2-3kgHow to Care For Your Himalayan Salt Lamp 

  1. Remove the plastic packaging from your Himalayan Salt Lamp if it has some.
  2. Screw the bulb into the power cord then gently insert the bulb and cord into the base of the lamp until the bulb touches the top. Pull the bulb back a fraction so it is not touching the top of the inside of the Salt Lamp (bulb must not touch the salt).
  3. Place your Himalayan Salt Lamp on a plate (ceramic, marble or glass), or a protective mat *Salt Lamp MUST ALWAYS be on this plate/mat to protect furniture.
  4. Plug the power cord into the power source and turn it on.
  5. It is recommended that you leave the lamp on continuously when someone is at home to get the maximum benefit from the lamp. A lamp that is NOT ON will absorb moisture and humidity from the surrounding air and will ‘cry’ (sweat), which is not good for the lamp or the bulb. If this happens make sure you dry the inside and outside of the lamp and the bulb before turning it back on.

Please remember that Himalayan Salt Lamps are electrical appliances, care and common sense must be used at all times. If you are going away for a long period of time make sure to turn your lamp off, remove the power cord and bulb, wrap the lamp tightly with cling wrap, a plastic bag or a towel until you return; then repeat steps 2,3 & 4.

Please Note: ALL our power cords used in our lamps at the Himalayan Salt Factory are ‘Australian Safety Standard Approved’ .


An average size Himalayan Salt Lamp takes a 15w bulb, whereas larger lamps (20 kg +) can take up to a 25w bulb. The globes used in Himalayan Salt Lamps are meant to be in a stationary position. If they are moved suddenly or are exposed to vibration, they are likely to pop.
If you have globes popping (blowing) regularly, here are some things to take into consideration;

* The globe is not quite screwed in firmly enough to touch both contacts
* The globe is touching the inside surface of the lamp
* The lamp is moved while the lamp has been on for a while
* There is a large current drawing appliance on the same circuit that is turned on/off and there is a momentary power spike
* There is excessive ‘micro vibration’ nearby (ie; from Computer or TV)
* The Lamp is placed close to an open door or window – which will cause the Lamp to absorb moisture from the outdoors and can cause a bulb to pop.

With a little love and care your Salt Lamp can live forever with just a few globe changes along the way

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