Clarity Products: MooGoo Mudder Udder Balm

Clarity Products: MooGoo Mudder Udder Balm


A soothing balm to help comfort and soothe a sensitive area, for breast-feeding mums.

    • Does not need to be removed prior to breast-feeding as the ingredients are edible
    • Grape Seed Oil contains antioxidants, Vitamins C, D, E, and Beta-Carotene
    • Beeswax is edible, moisturising and is used to thicken a cream into a balm
    • Free of lanolin – a wax secreted by the glands of wool-bearing animals which some are allergic to
    • Hops Extract is a natural, anti-bacterial preservative to keep creams pure


This balm is nourishing and soothing, perfect for any discomfort during and after breast-feeding. The all-natural cream is edible, so you can pop some around bub’s mouth as a barrier cream to calm irritated skin.

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