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aromatherapy diffuser clarity wellness north adelaideYou asked, and we’ve listened!

After searching high and low, we have at last got our hands on a range of high quality, aesthetically pleasing and very effective essential oil diffusers, for you to enjoy in your home or office!

But, just what are ultrasonic diffusers, I hear you ask? Well, we’ve given you a bit of a rundown below:


What are they?

A diffuser to distribute the therapeutic properties of essential oils into your home or office!
A diffuser is an alternative to the traditional oil burner (with a tea light candle) and offers a heat-free way of distributing the oils (which helps to extend their benefit and use)
As a double benefit, a diffuser serves as a pretty night-light (with a range of colours) and the very quiet hum is a lovely, peaceful ‘white noise’, which is great for babies and general stress-relief.


How do they work?

An ultrasonic diffuser has a small membrane at the base of the unit which distributes ultrasonic vibrations up through the water. This breaks up the water, turning it from liquid to vapour. This vapour is then propelled into the air as an ultrafine mist, carrying the essential oil particles with it.

Why choose a diffuser?

As opposed to a traditional oil burner, which utilises heat and steam to distribute essential oils, ultrasonic diffusers are very cost effective as only a few drops of essential oils added to the water reservoir can fragrance your home all day.
Some oils of a certain viscosity (like citrus oils, for example) may burn quite rapidly in the heat of an oil burner, and their therapeutic properties can be altered. In an ultrasonic diffuser, heat is not used, so you can extend the benefits for hours. A diffuser also helps to humidify the air, is easy to clean, safe to use around children and comes in a wide range of styles. Perfect!


Some Features of our Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffusers:


  • Timer: Most of our diffusers can run continuously for over 8 hours. You also have the option to select shorter, more intense bursts. Choosing a diffuser with this feature allows you to control the intensity of your oils and the amount of time it is running for.


  • Auto shut-off: Unlike an oil burner, you do not need to worry about an ultrasonic diffuser burning out or being left out. All of our diffusers automatically switch off after the water has run out.


  • Lighting options: Each diffusers comes with built-in lighting solutions which allows them to double as a soothing night light. This can serve a dual purpose as lovely night light, with a range of levels of light and colour to suit your ideal ambiance.


  • Cleaning and maintenance: These oil diffusers are low-maintenance, with minimal cleaning required. A wipe over every now and then will keep them in tip-top shape! If you’re not going to be using your diffuser for an extended period of time (Why on earth would you do that!?!? ;)), ensure that you do not leave it full of water to stagnate.


  • Size: Our range offers you various options of size, from 150ml to the whopper 400ml! A smaller diffuser could be a better fit for sitting on your office desk, while a sturdier diffuser could be more practical for your living area.


  • Physical appearance: We have selected a beautiful range of diffusers: 2 variations of sturdy wood-look, a hand moulded ceramic beauty and an all-natural bamboo diffuser. You’ll be sure to find the perfect unit to suit your aesthetic!


Diffusers and essential oils available on our online store now!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly admin legends ☺

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