Clarity Updates and the baby news you’ve all been waiting for

Clarity updates and the baby news you’ve all been waiting for!


Whats news at Clarity Central

Its been rather quiet within the wall of Clarity Massage and Wellness and the humble buzz of quiet conversation and community has been sorely missed! But behind the scenes we have been building. Our online store is now up and running. Staff have taken time to do extra training, learning, recuperating, business building and birthing!

In regards to what’s next for Clarity amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. We are keeping a close eye on the government and Health SA updates and will act accordingly within our bounds. Remedial massage HAS now been added to the list of those of us who can practice however it is within very strict guidelines and we endeavour to get allllllll of our ducks in a row before officially re-opening, at a likely much smaller capacity (for now) so as to keep all of our family here and all of you safe and sound!

We have some wonderful new products coming – including the new Moo Goo alcohol hand sanitiser and some great mothers day gift packs (check them out here) and LOADS of other goodies online.


Baby News!

As most of you know Clarity has been all a buzz with the pending new arrivals of Sarahs little man (bubble) and Katies little miss (roo) hmmmmm….

Well don’t we have some news for you!!

Introducing Kip John Glouftsis  

New master & commander of Katie & Chris

Born 6th April @ 7.46am


More pics and an update form Katie herself here.


Introducing Hugo Lewis Jones 

babyPrince & heir to the Clarity throne

Born 25th April @ 3:15am – Sarah & Glynn’s perfect little ANZAC biscuit

Sarah and Glynn are doing really well and are over the moon. They are snuggled down and very much in their new bubba bubble.

Hugos story next time!

The new little buddies are dying to meet each other and share their stories soon!





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