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Exercise Physiology with Erin Parish

As an AEP, Erin’s main goal is to educate you on your body, the way it moves and how this can improve your life in a BIG way. She wants to see you doing all the things you want to do in your life – that may be as simple as playing with your kids, getting the housework done, perhaps it’s running a marathon or getting back into footy or mountain bike riding.

In addition to her One on One Exercise Physiology offerings (which you can learn more about here) Erin offers these specifically tailored small group classes:

Strength, Bones & Balance

Tuesdays @ 1:00pm & Thursdays @ 11:30am


Be guided & supported by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with safe, effective and fun exercise!


These classes are fantastic for you if you have osteoporosis, have osteopenia (low bone density) or have been advised by your health care professional that you are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis. They may also be beneficial if you are just wanting to maintain your strength and balance as you mature.


What are the main goals of these classes?

You will gain overall strength & general conditioning

Improve your balance, thereby reducing your risk of falls

Maintain (or improve) your bone density

Gain mobility & improved daily stamina

Build your confidence for all of your daily tasks


Learn more about Erin HERE


Thursdays: 5:15pm


A strength & conditioning class for beginners.

Functional. Safe. Fun.

Thursdays @ 5.15pm – 6.00pm

Clarity Massage & Wellness, 58-60 Melbourne Street North Adelaide


This class is great if…

You are looking for a supportive and fun environment to exercise, gain strength and general fitness

You have never been to group exercise classes before but are interested and motivated to do so

You’ve recently had an injury that has required some rehabilitation and now you’re keen to get back into some regular exercise

You’ve tired other high-intensity workout classes and just ended up sore, aggravated an old injury, or you just felt you didn’t fit in

You want expert guidance and someone who truly listens and understand where you’re at


What are the main goals of this class?

To build strength for everyday function – so you can kick life’s butt!

Show you the variety of exercises you can do at home as well as at the gym, with and without equipment

Build core strength, improve your posture and look amazing

Get your glutes working, your arms strong and your fitness soaring


The ‘nitty-gritty’…

$20 per class (eftpos available)

$110 for a 6-class pass

Booking essential

All equipment provided


Learn more about Erin HERE


Clarity class sizes are kept intentionally small so as to allow Erin the greatest opportunity to create a space in which the needs of each individual are met.


Erin provides a full array of props such as mats, weights, balls and any other equipment needed for your session for no additional charge.

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