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Mat Pilates at Clarity

Developed by German-born Joseph Pilates during the early part of the 20th century, the Pilates method of total body conditioning is a holistic approach to health, with the ultimate goal of complete coordination of body, mind & spirit. Pilates uses a system of stretching & strengthening exercises designed to lengthen the spine, correct muscular imbalances & establish efficient movement patterns which then carry into everyday life. Each exercise initiates from the centre – our ‘core’ – & flows outward to the extremities. Emphasis is on precise movement, of performing each exercise with proper technique & control, & on using breath to guide the movement.


Our classes cost $20 per mat pilates class or discounts are available using our multiple class pass option. Your first class for Yoga & Mat Pilates is FREE!

What you will learn


The Pilates Principles

Core activation

Proper body alignment

The importance of breath & how to use breath to enhance movement

How to use small apparatus

What you will gain


Core & overall body strength

Improved joint mobility & stability

Balance & coordination

Improved posture

Elegance & efficiency of movement

Body awareness & confidence

Stress relief

Mat Pilates with Julia

Mat Pilates


Mondays @ 8:00am

Wednesdays @ 8:00am

Saturdays @ 8:30am


Pilates is a whole body conditioning system; we work from top to toe – or, more accurately – from the centre out, moving through a series of stretching + strengthening exercises designed to build strong + supple bodies.

We start with foundational movements + build on layers of challenge, allowing each student to work at his/her own level. We take time to connect mind-body-breath + invite students to feel + explore the subtleties of each exercise.

Sometimes it’s just us + our mat. At other times we use small apparatus (resistance bands, discs, foam rollers, inflatable balls, light weights, Pilates rings, etc.) either to assist or challenge our bodies in different planes of movement.

Classes are engaging + immersive; from the lighting, sounds + scents in the room, to the exercises themselves, everything is carefully considered to enhance students’ movement experience.

Students will leave feeling strong, centred + ready to move through their day with poise, ease + confidence!


Gentle Pilates


Wednesdays @ 6.30pm


Slow down, tune in & give your mind & body some much-needed maintenance. We begin with breathwork to unwind from the day & refocus on the present. Gentle stretches & flow sequences follow. It’s Pilates, but stripped but, with a deliberate pace & emphasis on exploring each movement; we take time to notice where & what we are feeling, & then work to open, soften, release. Class concludes with stillness & relaxation, preparing us for a restful night’s slumber.


General Info


Our group sessions are open level. Students of all abilities + experience, from all walks of life, are welcome. Those with acute injuries or chronic conditions or who are pregnant (second trimester onwards)/post-natal are best suited to classes under clinical supervision.

The latest lulus or lornas definitely NOT required – just wear comfy clothes that you feel good moving in.

As class sizes are kept small – maximum 8 students – bookings are essential. Casual classes $20. Multi-class pass options available.

To learn more about Julia & her approach to Pilates, head HERE


Clarity class sizes are kept intentionally small so as to allow the teacher the greatest opportunity to create a space in which the needs of each individual are met.


Our studio provides a full array of pilates props such as mats, balls, bands, foam rollers and weights for no additional charge.

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