Colds, Flus….and Massage?

massage when i have a cold clarity wellnessColds, Flus….and Massage?


So, you have a cold, and you’re thinking ‘… a soothing massage is juuuuust what I need right now’.


Some TLC on the treatment table, right?!?


Well…maybe not! #sadface


There are some things you may not know, like as soon as you climb onto our warm, plush massage table and sink your face down into the face hole, you will immediately begin to feel the ‘not-so-nice’ effects of the extra pressure on your sinus…*ouch*


Up above your lymphatic system is working extra hard to contain the nasty viruses, pathogens and bacteria in your nodes, to give your white blood soldiers a chance at fighting them – so having us flush and move that fluid around during massage will have you leaving feeling very ordinary, and possibly worse.


Germ Transportation System


The nature of a massage therapist’s work is that we’re in contact with many people, so that makes us the perfect transporter for little germies! Other than being this magical sharer of bugs, a sick practitioner is sadly of little use to anyone. In addition to not wanting to make you feel worse, we don’t want to get sick, either.


So; if you are starting to feel unwell and you have a treatment coming up, do let us know, with at least 24 hours’ notice*.

Put your massage on the back burner, up your fluids and rest, rest, rest!


Ensure that you have a future session booked to look forward to in a couple of weeks


Did you know that clinical studies have indicated that massage improves your immune system: by increasing its cytotoxic capacity (the activity level of the body’s natural “killer cells”) and decreasing the number of T-cells – so as well as being kind to yourself, it might be a good idea for us to book in a follow up session when you’re out of the acute stage, to bring your recovering system back to good health 🙂


* Feeling sick within 24 hours of your sesh?


We do understand that illness happens, and that it absolutely sucks! However, as you can appreciate, if we do not have anyone on waitlist who can take your place in the event of a change within 24hrs, it leaves us at a loss. We really dislike having to charge a late notice fee, but sadly, such fees are required to keep our much-loved practitioners paid and our little business afloat; they’re just one of those crappy, snotty elements to be thrown into the tissue bin of being unwell 🙁

If you’re feeling sick and need to change your sesh within 24hrs, to avoid the Late Notice Fee, why not consider sending someone else in your place? Give them the opportunity for some pampering….and get some #goodkarma 🙂

Sarah Watson

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