Facials: I Have Sensitive Skin…Help!

Facials: I Have Sensitive Skin…Help!

Nervous about getting a facial because you have sensitive skin? Don’t be! Booking yourself in for a sesh with Clarity skin expert Chantal is the BEST thing you can do if you’re managing angry skin.


– Chantal can educate you about your skin & the best way to take care of it. With a background working in day spas & a personal passion for skincare, Chantal can provide you with expert advice to get to the root of the problem:


“First we need to understand what is going on with your skin. We will have a chat about it & I will have a closer look at it so we can determine:

  • What your skin type is
  • What skin conditions are present, whether they are coming from external or internal factors
  • What your skin goals are & how we can realistically achieve them

From here I will personalise your facial with the right Y Natural products for you & I can educate you about YOUR skin, as what works for one person may not work for the next. We are all so different & deserve an individualised approach so we can make the best choices for ourselves.”


– We use the Y Natural Skincare range at Clarity. Y-Natural is South Australian made & owned, certified organic & certified cruelty free & with absolutely NO silicone ingredients, NO petrochemical ingredients, NO synthetic alcohols, NO paraben preservatives, NO artificial colours or fragrances. Y Natural have a range that contains effective, plant-based ingredients to calm angry skin & reduce its inflammatory response.

At Clarity, we provide a safe, nurturing environment with experienced practitioners who know their stuff!

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