Skin Types vs Skin Conditions

Your skin type is the skin you were born with, so it is written in your genes. Your skin type will usually not change but will be influenced by internal and external factors which we call skin conditions.

Dry/Mature skin

Dry skin will appear as having no oil flow, with pores that are very small or not visible. This skin type will feel thinner than oily skin. Mature skin will notice either a reduction in oil flow or none at all. The skin will feel more fragile due to the body producing less collagen underneath.

oily skin

Oily/Combination skin

Oily skin will present with larger pores and oil flow usually more so in the t-zone section. The skin will feel thicker than dry or mature skin and is usually more prone to breakouts and black heads (comedones). Combination skin will be a mixture or oily and normal/dry skin. The oil flow will usually be in the t-zone section with normal/dry skin on the forehead and outer cheek area.


Sensitive skin will present as red, hot, itchy, dry and flaky. But sensitive skin can also present with some oil flow. It will react to even the slightest amount of stimulation such as temperature, pressure, fragrances, soap, wind etc. It is important to note that there is a sensitive skin type and a sensitised skin condition. (For more information our blog about helping sensitive skin).

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