Pre & Post Care

Organic Facials

What should I do before my Organic facial?


Please arrive for your session feeling satiated (but not too full of food!), well hydrated, clean and in comfortable clothing.


Pre-Facial Suggestions


If your facial is in the morning, it’s best not to do anything to your skin before coming in. If you need to (for work etc), it is ok to wear makeup to your facial, but if you don’t have to, come fresh-faced 🙂

If your facial is in the afternoon/evening, just do your morning skin care routine as you would normally do and come as you are. However avoid using any scrubs, acids or retinol products the morning of so you do not over sensitize your skin.

For males with facial hair, it is best to shave the morning of your facial. This will allow your therapist to actually work on your skin.

Not sure if what you’re using at home is working for you? Feel free to bring in your products so your therapist can have a look, check ingredients and help you work out if they are helping you achieve your skin goals.


Post-Facial Home Care Tips


If you can, avoid putting makeup on after your facial. Let your skin breathe and keep up your water intake. As each facial is individually customised for you, you will receive individualised post-session advice, to ensure you get the most benefits from your session.

When to book your next Facial


As a general rule; 6 weeks is ideal for booking your next facial if you have concerns with your skin. Failing that, every 3 months for maintenance with the change of seasons is ideal. As each season presents its own skin condition issues, its the perfect opportunity to get prepped for the next season and give your skin and mind some TLC.

If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to call us on 8239 0575,  or email us at hello@claritywellness.com.au

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