Your Guide to Summer Skin and the Silly Season

Clarity guide to summer skin and the silly season


Summer Skincare at Clarity Wellness

It is the silly season and we are definitely feeling the heat of summer now. Late nights and hot sunny days can play havoc with our skin and our health so Chantal has put together a handy little guide to help your skin survive our start of year season!

Late nights and increased alcohol consumption?


Not to worry, we have your hangover headache and puffy eyes covered (literally!) with our Wili heat bag eye pillows. These can be used hot or cold, I would recommend the cold option in this instance.

Just place in the fridge for 10-15 minutes then lie down and place it over your eyes. The weight of them is perfect for aiding deep relaxation and easing headaches. Their cooling nature will reduce puffiness and also take heat out of the eye area, perfect if you’ve spent all day at the beach.


Next up is our Detox tea. Now I know it is hot, but this brew is lovely cold. If you want to jazz it up a bit you can always add an extra slice of lemon for more zing.

I had a chat with Clarity Naturopath Steph Stack to get the low down on what these herbs can do. So, if your skin and body are showing the effects of overindulgence have a read of all the amazing things this tea can do for you from the inside out:

Nettle – Helps to purify your blood and skin from the inside out, helping to soothe skin irritations.
Calendula– Promotes healing and is both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory internally and externally.
Dandelion –  Aids digestion as well as elimination.
St Mary’s Thistle – An amazing herb that protects and supports your liver function. It also detoxifies hormones and chemicals that would otherwise be reabsorbed into your system, disrupting normal processes and increasing breakouts, redness, inflammation and revving up any skin condition you have (e.g. eczema and psoriasis).

If you want a more personalised approach to your wellness from the inside out, book a naturopathy session with one of our naturopaths here.


Out in the sun?


Here at Clarity we are still in the process of finding the perfect sunscreen to stock for you! We are a little picky and always like to support local, so the challenge is proving a tad more difficult than first anticipated. Until our search is over, here are a few handy hints to helping you shop for the perfect one:

Firstly always choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that physically blocks UVA and UVB rays. Thanks to our in-house skincare range Y Natural, who have made these cute purse friendly cards that will help you safely navigate an ingredients list on any skincare product (not just sunscreen). These are a lot easier and lighter than your chemical maze book (and they are free!).

Feel free to pop in to pick one up to make sure none of the ingredients you are putting on your skin are harming you internally.

Overdid the sun and forgot to reapply your sunscreen?


So, you forgot to reapply and are now the colour of a tomato? Here’s how to take care of your sunburn:

Firstly, you need to apply first aid and get the heat out of your skin before you apply anything, including aloe vera products. The reason being is that anything on the skin will trap the heat in and make it burn more. So run the area under tepid-cool water, or use a wet wash cloth (re-wetting with water to keep it cool). Once there is no more heat coming from your skin its time to apply Soothe cool calm gel from Y-natural. Loaded with organic aloe vera and German chamomile to soothe, cool and heal burnt skin. This gel can also be used to calm itching from insect bites and breakouts on the skin. As well as being fantastic for any skin irritations, redness or inflammation. With so many uses, this is one of our favourites from Y-natural and is perfect for keeping in the fridge and using chilled.

If you would like to more about your skin, drop a line to Chantal, our in house skin and facial guru, who can help you find natural, nurturing solutions to your skin problems.


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