Introducing: Australian Body Essential Oils

Introducing our range of 100% pure essential oils.


A little about Australian Body and their oils:

“We bottle 100% pure essential oils, sourcing oils from all over the world where plants are grown in natural habitats. For example, Sweet Orange, Lemon Myrtle, Tea Tree and Sandalwood from Australia, Frankincense from Africa, Rose Geranium from France and so on. We do not purchase unsustainable oils as we need to protect species that are on the verge of extinction. With formulary experience we also blend essential oils, giving you the benefit of several oils in one blend – Brain Boost, Inner Beauty, Sweet Sleep, etc.”

We stock a wide range of Australian Body essential oils, from individual oils to ready-made blends. Here are some of our favourite blends:



Clear the Air: Lemon Myrtle, May Chang, Lemon & Orange

A refreshing, citrusy blend – ideal for diffusing in the bathroom, laundry & the kitchen. The lemon myrtle is delicious and subtle, and the citrus masks any of the unsavoury scents that might arise from kitchen/laundry spaces.



Love & Joy: Bergamot, Orange, Lime, Patchouli & Rose Geranium

A joyous blend with the distinct scent of bergamot, reminiscent of a cup of Earl Grey. Diffuse this at any point during the day for a pick-me-up!



Sweet Sleep: Lavender, Orange, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile & Sandalwood

Lavender and chamomile are paramount in relaxation. Diffuse this to nourish your body after a stressful day and before bed.




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