Introducing: Organic Spa Face Exfoliant

Introducing: Organic Spa Face Exfoliant


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About: Gently polish away embedded impurities & dead skin cells with this exquisite creamy scrub delivering a smoother & brighter skin complexion.

Designed for: oily, combination, normal, mature & dry skin.


What’s inside:

  • Kaolin: This white & beautiful clay absorbs excess serum, draws out impurities & decongest the pores. Rich in trace minerals that soothe the skin. It also helps break down dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, softer & more vibrant skin colour & texture.
  • Granules: The fine granules consist of Argan & ground Rice Bran particles. These natural granules are shaped to move across the skin’s surface working in & out of the pores to refine the complexion without causing irritation.
  • Macadamia oil: This delightful locally sources oil is high in fatty acids. Oleic acid is well known for having regenerating & moisturising properties while palmitoleic acid is an amazing anti-ageing.
  • Licorice Extract: Sourced from the root of the plant, this is a potent extract with amazing anti-inflammatory abilities. Well known for its skin brightening and calming benefits. Licorice aids in reducing the appearance of age spots, sun damage restoring the clarity of the skin.


Results you can expect: This product is formulated to buff away dead skin cells & stimulate cell renewal with the synergistic combination of physical natural exfoliants in order to improve, polish and revitalise the texture of the skin.




RRP $39.95 – In store now!

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