Kip’s Story – by Katie Kinniburgh

Welcome… Kip John Glouftsis!


Hello everyone!

It’s my greatest pleasure and privilege to introduce you to our son… KIP JOHN GLOUFTSIS (nah, I don’t know how to pronounce his surname either!) Born on Monday 6th April at 7.46am and weighing in at 3.43kg. Born by emergency C-Section after a long three days and nights of labour!

For those of you with a keen memory, you might recall me telling you we were having a little girl? Well, surprise! She turned out to be a he! ?

Chris, my husband, was my steadfast and reassuring constant throughout. He read me so intuitively- time and time again, he knew what I needed before I did! And he has nursed me back to health so splendidly- the three of us are happy, healthy and thriving!

I feel so lucky to not only have had this empowering, life altering experience, but to have had this amazing man by my side for it. Our bond, relationship and respect for one another has reached new depths!!In our usual style, the story of Kip’s birth holds a few funny ‘bumps in the road’ moments. 

On the second day of labouring at home, we were joined by two tradie mates, who kindly fixed a whopping great gas leak under our house… bad timing. Or perhaps just in the nic of time?!

The third day of labour we were advised to head into the hospital for a well being check up. Which of course was the moment we found out our car wouldn’t start! Thankfully we found the humour in that moment also.As many of you know, we suffered a very long & complicated miscarriage last year, which I have felt really strong desire to be openly verbal about. It really shook & changed me. I also sadly lost my Step Dad last year too. I truly feel having been on this recent journey of working through loss in various forms, has made this deep love for our son all the greater! He has completed us. I have always wanted to know this feeling of a ‘Mothers love’. The unconditional bond of protection and adoration. It is my dream come true. And it feels like it was never meant to be anyone else but this boy in my arms. He is my ‘home’.

A silver lining of the strange days we have found ourselves in is that the COVID-19 pandemic has afforded us some uninterrupted time as a new little family.  We have been getting to know one another, living a very simple, quiet life at home these last 3 weeks. That said, I do very much look forward to the day when I get to introduce you in person (technically it should classed as ‘showing off’ really!) to this little human I love so dearly! (He really smells amazing!)

From my family to yours, We hope you have managed to stay connected while distanced and in touch while far apart from your dearest ones. We send you love and well wishes from these very full hearts or ours. And I can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Love & Hugs,

Katie xx




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