Kombucha Workshop at Clarity!

Learn to make your own kombucha at Clarity


Everybody STOP! It’s SCOBY time!

You guys loved our previous blog post about DIY Kombucha (Missed it? Read it here). Well NOW we are excited to be hosting our first workshop on something we are very passionate about – GUT HEALTH

You may have heard about the wondrous benefits of introducing more fermented foods into your diet. You may have even seen some fermented goodies on your local supermarket shelves… Now you can forgo the cost of store-bought ferment & make your own!

On April 2nd, we will be hosting a two hour workshop on how to make your own fermented brew. Naturopath Steph Stack will kick things off with a presentation on gut health – why it’s important, how you can get more good bacteria into your gut & keep ’em there – followed by a hands-on SCOBY tutorial. We provide you with everything you need  – including your very own SCOBY – symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast – to take home!

Herbal tea & light refreshments are also included.

When: April 2nd: 12pm-2pm

Where: Clarity Wellness Centre, 58-60 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

Cost: $45 per person

Bookings: Click here to book online or contact us here.

There are limited spots available for this workshop, so be sure to secure your spot soon! Click here to do just that.

See you then, fermenting friends!

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