Late Notice Policy

We greatly value the time of our clients and practitioners. Should you need to amend an appointment, a minimum¬†period of 24 hours is required in order for us to extend the appointment to another client in need and to manage the income of the practitioner who’s time has been booked.


If you have any other queries or concerns, please feel free to give us a bell on 8239 0575.

Our Late Notice Policy


Clarity has a strict late notice policy for appointments which you agree to when booking:


A $50 Fee applies if an appointment is rescheduled or cancelled within 24 hours, or in the event of a no-show without notice.


To reduce the likelihood of cancellations, in addition to your booking confirmation we will send you a reminder Email 2 days prior and an SMS reminder the day prior.


How do we help prevent late notice changes?


Scheduling appointments means that both you and your practitioner are committed to your ongoing health and wellbeing.


Ergo: We want to see you and take care of you!


In addition to your initial booking confirmation, we send you a friendly reminder email 48hrs before your session and a SMS the day before to prevent the necessity of late notice changes.


What is the $50 Deposit for?


We require a $50 deposit to confirm: All Initial Consults, Consults 90mins and over, and all Clarity Packages.

This deposit is non-refundable in the event of an appointment cancellation or reschedule within 24hours or a no-show without notice.

In the event of a booking change within 24 hours, the retained deposit serves to cover part of the wages and expenses payable to reduce some of the loss incurred by Clarity, so we are able to keep doing what we love!

Why do we require a late notice policy?


Clarity is a small independent business without the margins of a large enterprise; and we want to continue to offer our unique, personalised services.


Unlike many other massage practices, Remedial Massage Therapists at Clarity are employed as valued Health Professionals under the Health Professionals & Support Services Award. Whether your appointment is cancelled or ‘rescheduled’ to a different day; in the event that this happens within 24hours, your practitioner’s wages still need to be paid for their time on that day, despite no longer have a paying client.


What if I am sick?


Check out this blog post on colds, flu and massage.


If you’re feeling sick and need to change your sesh within 24hrs, to avoid the Late Notice Fee, why not consider sending someone else in your place? Give them the opportunity for some pampering….and get some #goodkarma ?


We do understand that illness happens, and that it absolutely sucks! However, if we do not have anyone on waitlist who can take your place in the event of a change within 24hrs, it leaves us at a loss. We really dislike having to charge a late notice but sadly, such fees are required to keep our much-loved practitioners paid and our little business afloat; they’re just one of those crappy, snotty elements to be thrown into the tissue bin of being unwell ?

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