Lessons of Reflexology

Rhiannon Loukes, Remedial Massage Therapist and Reflexologist at Clarity Massage and Wellness.

Lessons of Reflexology


Did you know that as well as being one of Clarity’s a very popular Remedial Massage Therapists, Rhiannon Loukes is also a brilliant Reflexologist?

Late last year she attended the Reflexology Association of Australia’s Conference held here in Adelaide, and shares her experiences with you today:

The Conference theme had the the theme ‘Synergy in Reflexology’. 

A key note presenter was Lisa Chan from California, USA. Lisa spoke about Priority Reflexing for pain relief and knowing which of the three reflexology maps, feet, hands or ears brings the most dependable relief. This was so refreshing and inspired me to re-visit the hand and ear maps.

Lisa Chan also spoke about the importance of treating youth, teens, children and family. With global high rates of depression and suicide Lisa encouraged therapists to consider a sensitive and supportive approach using various techniques including reflexology, acupressure points and the use of an ear seed on acupuncture points. Majority of us delegates experienced the placement of a tiny vaccaria seed stuck with adhesive tape to a particular point to alleviate stress and depression. I felt a difference within a couple of hours, I felt in harmony, my mind slowed down and it made me feel very calm and grounded. The use of an ear seed is such a great idea because you pop it on, then during the day when you think of it you activate it by pressing with your fingers, it such a nice take away between sessions for ongoing support.

Julie Marchetti from Western Australia spoke about The Holistic Health Triangle. Julie explained how the human body is made up the mind, the body, the spirit and the emotions. All four of these are intrinsically linked and co-exist in harmony. This got me pondering on the process of healing and the definition of health.

It was my birthday on the Sunday so I happily gifted myself with some Ayurveda DVD’s by Sharon Stathis along with a Kasa bowl which is a small bronze bowl made of copper and tin that fits in the palm of my hand, it is used to massage the soles of the feet and helps to balance the Ayurvedic bioenergetics principles (doshas) of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  The rhythmic, non-stop flowing contact with the sole of the foot is deeply relaxing. In a very Cindarella moment, Sharon measured the bowl I chose against my hand and said it is a perfect fit.

Barbara Scott from Wales, UK specialises in Reflexology for Fertility for men and women – Reproflexology™ (Reproductive Reflexology). Barbara has extensive experience and knowledge in this area and spoke about her specific methods and protocols to support natural and assisted conception. Barbara blew me away in the practical component of her presentation when she spoke of possibly being able to feel follicles in the ovary reflex region of the foot. Now that is precision palpation!

On the other end of the hormonal spectrum is Menopause and Lynda Kidd from Hobart, Tassie who gave a very informative presentation on the role of Reflexology during menopause and the different stages of menopause. 

Hollie Kelly and Karen Bishop from Perth, Western Australia run a college together delivering a Certificate of Clinic Reflexology. Their students work closely a cancer support centre. It was very encouraging to hear a doctor had mentioned to them that if a patient presents for chemotherapy but their while blood cell count is too low or blood pressure is too high, the out-patient chemotherapy would send the patient across to get 30 mins of Reflexology and levels would improve enabling them to receive the chemotherapy treatment. As Reflexologists we witness such physiological effects of treatments and it is so very encouraging when a medical professional becomes aware of how supportive this modality can be. 

It was such a privilege to hear individual journeys of each therapist, often trained in other vocations such as nursing, counselling, acupuncture and then incorporating Reflexology. It is very inspiring to hear how their interests took their professional career in a certain direction. 

Attending the conference was such a joy, I loved mingling with like-minded people and learning more on the different facets of Reflexology.


~ Rhiannon Loukes

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