Love Your Guts in 2017

Love Your Guts in 2017

Clarity Naturopathy Steph StackPost-Holidays. Yes, we’re all feeling it. Even us saintly health practitioners…over the festive season I accidentally replaced bitter green leafys with Melbourne Bitter, probiotics with pavlova, and Pilates with the best damn rendition of Billie Jean you’ve ever seen.

But alas! The party must come to an end, and we must reacquaint ourselves with the humble fruit and veg isle.

As you may have experienced, the holidays bring overindulgence from all angles. Despite you taking a few days off, your digestion is probably working overtime! All those festive things, like booze, sugar, fatty foods, late nights, and lack of movement unfortunately lay it on thick for our digestive system and our nervous system. You might be feeling tired and sluggish, achey, emotional, have sugar cravings, or be feeling just a bit blah.

Lucky for you party peeps, we’ve got some tricks to get those danced-out tootsies back on track. Start loving your guts in 2017 with these easy peasy tips:

  1. DRINK GREEN TEA (instead of your 2nd, 3rd, 4th… 17th coffee)

Why?   Oh, just because green tea helps with EVERYTHING. The antioxidants in this green guy speed up liver detoxification, mobilize fat stores for energy, knock out the bad gut bugs and feed the good gut bugs, reduce inflammation, stabilize blood sugars, reduce anxiety and pretty much just help you to live longer. Green tea? Oui Oui!!

Studies show 3-5 cups/ day of organic green tea hits the sweet spot

  1. DRINK KOMBUCHA (instead of that 12pm “I’m on Holidays” beer…)

 Why?   Kombucha is a delicious, fizzy, fermented tea bustling with a party of beneficial bacteria that do wonders for your gut health. More good gut bugs help to knock out the numbers of bad gut bugs (who often multiply with our Christmas/New Year’s lifestyle…). These goodies boost our immune system, reduce inflammation, help our moods, aid our digestion, give us energy, boost our metabolism and just generally make us feel goooood.

Have you tried MOJO? My favourite is the ginger tonic 🙂

Try these http://www.organicandraw.com.au/products/

Wanna learn how to make your own? We’re running a workshop here at Clarity on April 2nd where you will learn how to make & take home your very own Kombucha! Book online here.

  1. SNACK ON PROTEIN BALLS (instead of another leftover Christmas choccy…)

Why?   These mint choc protein balls are sure to hit the sweet spot without the come down. Protein with your choccy helps to stabilize blood sugars, make you feel fuller, reduce cravings, and give you sustained energy. BOOM.

Try this recipe http://www.infinefettle.org/blog/2015/11/19/vitamin-easy-choc-mint-protein-balls

  1. EAT BITTER GREENS & CRUCIFEROUS VEGIES (instead of bread/cheese/bread/cheese/bread/cheese…)

Why?   Bitter constituents increase gastric secretions, priming and powering up our digestion, thereby reducing bloating. They also assist bile flow which helps to carry fat and cholesterol out of our bodies. Cruciferous vegies also do a bunch of cool things, one of them being the speeding up of phase two detoxification of the liver.

Green Things = Indulgence Antidote. (E.g. rocket, endive, collard, radicchio, spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel’s sprouts etc.) 

Try this recipe http://www.infinefettle.org/blog/2016/3/1/fresh-herb-broccoli-green-dream-bowl

  1. GET A SLEEP APP/ROUTINE (instead of realising you’re still dancing at 5am…)

Why?   If you’ve got the latest iPhone you’ve got a mode called ‘Night Shift’. This allows you to set a time when the blue light on your phone changes into a warmer shade which is far less stimulating and less likely to keep you awake and wired! There is also an app within your iPhone called ‘Bedtime’ which reminds you when to go to bed based on how many hours of sleep you need. This is great for getting you back into a replenishing sleep pattern after crazy holiday hours. Blue light emitted from device screens tells your body to not produce melatonin (your sleep inducing hormone), thereby disrupting your sleep cycle. Anything less than the magic 7-8 hours of sleep per night makes it harder for us to concentrate, messes with our moods, ages us quicker, disrupts our digestion, and makes us crave sugar and fat. Bugger.

Find the ‘Night Shift’ app in the Display & Brightness settings and/or the ‘Bedtime’ app in the Clock settings on your iPhone. No iPhone? Good on you! Just set an alarm to remind you that bedtime is half an hour away and start winding down in this time.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you with your health and wellbeing for 2017, you can check out more info here. Or better yet, book online to see me in REAL LIFE!


Stephanie Stack, Naturopath.

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