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When can I have a massage after giving birth?

post natal massage When can I have a massage after giving birth?

Birth is hard work. Physically, emotionally, hormonally (and spiritually!), it’s a huge event. Postpartum Massage is an incredibly important, restorative and replenishing experience for mothers after birth, with a wealth of benefits (which you can read about here).

Just when is the best time to receive a Postpartum massage?

As a general rule, following a vaginal delivery, you can receive massage as soon as you feel comfortable and would like to.

Following a caesarean delivery, the standard recommendation is 4-6 weeks; after which point your incision will have healed and you will feel comfortable lying face down on the table.

In both of the above scenarios, there is a very broad range in terms of the timing of recovery. All births are different, and affect the body in varying ways. In all instances, if you are unsure it is best to consult your obstetrician or midwife to get clearance to receive massage.

Some women may want to have a massage as soon as 7-10 days after birth, whereas others may like to wait a few weeks.  Being separated from your newborn (especially if it is your first), after you have been connected for such a long time, is a big event in and of itself, so it’s best to allow yourself some time so that you feel comfortable.

Will I be comfortable?

At Clarity, we pride ourselves on providing a deeply nurturing, warm, safe and cosy environment for all of our clients, but perhaps no one more so than our cherished Postpartum clients, many of whom we have had the pleasure of caring for throughout your pregnancy.  We are aware and respectful of the importance of the delicate postpartum stage, and are honoured to care for mothers in this time. During the early postpartum period you may be experiencing bleeding (lochia), leaking breasts, new gasseous expulsions, and wildly fluctuating hormones – all of which we understand and are here to support you through.

Clarity is a safe and caring space, where you can arrive just as you are. No need to be anything other than how you are on that day, in that moment. We simply want to care for you; give back some of the loving, nurturing care that you have been giving your little one, 24/7!

If you feel anxious being far from your little one, they are very welcome to be cuddled / rocked in our peaceful reception area or courtyard by a loved-one, from where they can be whipped into your treatment room for a feed or a cuddle (if only Mum will do!) we truly understand the delicate early days (…some of us are still in them, years on, HA!).

The “Postpartum Period” clinically speaking is the first 6 weeks after birth, during which time the uterus shrinks back down from the size of a watermelon to the size of a pear. But, in reality, ‘postpartum’s is simply ‘after birth’; so there it’s never “too late” to enjoy the nurturing benefits of massage; and as we all know: caring for the mother is caring for the baby. If your cup is full, you are better able to nourish and cherish your little person.

We hope to welcome you for a Postpartum Massage at Clarity Wellness very soon, and encourage you to reach out to our friendly team on 08 8239 0575  if you have any further questions.

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