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Here at Clarity, we believe that expert, highly-effective therapy should feel great, too: Snug. Welcoming. Nurturing. Holistic. There’s no reason that cosy can’t coexist with science – and we’re out to prove it! The same goes for our practitioners. They’re anatomy & physiology nerds – who happen to be fun, friendly and brilliant people, too. Want to meet them? ‘Course you do! Today, we chat to Courtney – Remedial Massage Therapist, cat enthusiast and firm believer in big granny knickers. Today, she shares why remedial massage is more than ‘fluffy nonsense’ and her #1 tip for tech-stressed modern humans. Read her interview, below!

Hey Courtney! Tell us where you fit at Clarity?

I’ve been at Clarity since Sarah first expanded her practice from one practitioner (herself!) to two. I’m a qualified remedial massage therapist, adding to the anatomical geekiness with my current studies in Physiotherapy.

My style and specialisations include: traditional remedial massage, trigger point techniques, myofascial release, facilitated stretching, cupping, dry needling and a repertoire of take-home exercises to complement the sessions.


Who’s your ideal client?

I love working with people who are interested in (and committed to) their health, have particular injuries or ongoing pain management issues and are open to new ways of managing pain. Willingness to do the (home)work and postural advice get 1000 x better results*.

*awaiting scientific validation.


What type of person comes to see you?

A lot of office workers, nurses, tradies and everyday people looking for pain relief.


What motivates you to treat people?

Working together with clients to overcome pain and body issues is incredibly rewarding – I’m sure every therapist feels the same.

My original catalyst for becoming a massage therapist was pretty amazing. I treated my course in Remedial Massage Therapy as a stepping stone to ‘something else’ – initially thinking about naturopathy. I had always been interested in the human body and loved to explore it through my art.

During my studies, I worked in clinic at Endeavour College. One of my first clients was a young girl with a neurological disorder. She was wheelchair-bound, non-verbal and had many seizures throughout the day. With lots of relaxation techniques and gentle movements, I was able to calm her nervous system and her seizures would reduce during treatment – her mum (who was always in the room with us to help out) experienced so much relief and appreciation also… all through the power of touch.

I started to see that there was so more to this remedial massage stuff than I first thought!


What’s the most satisfying thing you can feel as a practitioner when someone walks out of your treatment room?

It’s so satisfying when someone leaves feeling more empowered about their body.

Once they experience what they’re capable of – by reducing physical pain and increasing their ability to move – they start to overcome internal barriers, too.

This sparks the realisation that ‘I can actually get better. I don’t have to live with pain! It’s just going to take a little extra work.’


What are your OMG I’VE SAID THIS 100 TIMES suggestions that you give to clients?

Do chin tucks! Pulling the head back and tucking the chin slightly counteracts all that forward head craning we’re doing with phones and computers (which, just quietly, is terrible!)

Also, shoulder blade squeezes. These strengthen the rhomboids and upper back – which are often neglected.

Lastly – drink more water! I can tell if you’re dehydrated via the fascia, which will be restricted. What you eat and drink has a direct impact on your musculoskeletal system – don’t forget this missing piece of the pain-free-lifestyle puzzle.


Do you have a funny practitioner/client story?

In general – big granny knickers! People always apologise for their knickers, but it’s totally fine! I’m like ‘You wear those knickers! They look comfy.’

Another misconception is having to shave your legs before you come in. Nope! I like the mantra: ‘Body hair is meant to be there.’ Braid your armpit hair, if you like. Free, easy and flowing is fine with me!


Do you have any little favourite rituals you like to do in the space (like prepping the rooms to make the ideal environment)?

Before every client, I always do a tidy up and make the room all symmetrical and nice. I also whack on some music – chilled folk is my favourite.


What three things are you grateful for today?

  1. My cat, Atticus. So entertaining.
  2. My partner Billy. He’s the most loving and supportive human that I know.
  3. Sunshine!

Thanks so much for sharing your stories and approach Courtney!

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