mothers day card writing

Mother’s Day Card Writing Tips

Mother’s Day Card Writing Tips


mothers day card writingMother’s Day is just around the corner! The gift of your thoughts, memories, love and time means the world to Mum; but do you find that when you sit down to write that heart-filled note….you come up blank?! Allow us to offer you some clarity on how to compose an amazing card for your mamma!



1. Thank Her

Start off the note with a genuine thank you. Get specific; what has she done for you this year? Taken care of your dog? Babysat your kids? Talked on the phone with you? Sent you gifts? Provided moral support?


2. Share a Favourite Memory:Do you have a favourite memory of her from when you were growing up?

What kind of meals did she make that you loved? Did she share a love of books or gardening or music with you?


3. Share a Compliment

Be specific. Share what you admire about her: What are her best traits? What makes her a wonderful mother? Is she always doing nice things for other people? Is she a great artist, or a whizz in the kitchen? Is she a great listener? Is she patient?


4. Write a Blessing

What do you wish for her this year? Rest? Peace? Health? Sunshine? You could write something like: “I know these past few years have been tough. My wish for you this year is that you may have…….”


5. Say how much you love her

Finish your card by telling Mum just how much you love her (you can never say this too much!) “Mum, you have always been there for me when I needed you, and I want you to know that am here for you, too! I really value our friendship and connection and I love you so much!”


And of course, if you’re wanting to gift your Mum an amazing, nurturing and love-filled experience along with your words, you could buy her her very own moment of clarity, with a Clarity Gift Voucher.

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