Naturopathy at Clarity: Welcome, Steph Stack!

Naturopathy at Clarity!

We are delighted to welcome Naturopath Steph Stack from In Fine Fettle to the Clarity team!

Head shots, Stephanie Stack, clinic shotsAbout Steph: 

Steph is a qualified Naturopath based in Adelaide, South Australia. She has a Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree in Naturopathy and Advanced Diplomas in both Western Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy, and is registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Steph is passionate about helping others to move their health from a ‘to-do list’ to a fully fledged, every-day practice of passion. She respects an approach of balance to health, recognising that play is just as important as work, and that both can be done with a smile. Steph believes that health extends beyond the individual, it reaches from how we breath, eat, drink, move and laugh to what we support, what we buy, what we prioritise, what we contribute, and how we interact with the world on a personal, local, and world-wide scale.

About Naturopathy:

NATUROPATHY has been around for YONKS – we’re talking roots back in the 18th century. It is a traditional practice of natural medicine which utilises natural therapies such as herbal medicine, nutrition, and dietary & lifestyle practices to nudge the body to essentially heal itself, rather than just managing symptoms. Our training combines traditional medicine practice with evidence based practice to create an integrative approach that gets the best out of both nature and science.

It takes a holistic approach, treating each individual as just that, a unique person with a unique story and unique needs.

Naturopathy is well placed for treating everything from an annoying niggle that just won’t budge, to long-standing health problems that require a whole body approach. But you don’t have to be unwell to see a Naturopath! Naturopathy is also a fantastic tool for your health and wellness that can can give you that ‘leg-up’ you might need in driving your performance that little bit higher. In other words, we can get you from good to great. It provides the knowledge base and practical skills you need to be fully informed and totally in charge of your own health. What are a few of my favourite things to work with? Where to start?!! I really enjoy helping clients with women’s health, sports nutrition, digestive health and stress & energy. But oh how the list could go on!

About In Fine Fettle:

IN FINE FETTLE is all about getting you in good nick.

It’s about getting you in top condition; physically & mentally.

We work with the core modalities of Naturopathy, including Western Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, and Dietary & Lifestyle Counselling to restore balance to your health and achieve optimal performance.

And because I love food, you’ll find me posting new recipes and other useful lifestyle bits & bobs that you can incorporate into your wellbeing.

For more about Steph & In Fine Fettle, head here:

Bircher Muesli Recipe: click here for one of Steph’s favourite morning eats!

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