Nervous About Your First Pilates Class?

Nervous About Your First Pilates Class?

matpilatesAre you curious about Pilates but are a little unsure – nervous, even? – about what to expect? I hear you! This exact conundrum came up in conversation with a client the other day. The client had read about the benefits of Pilates, he knew me, he knew – + was comfortable with – the space, + the classes could potentially fit in with his work schedule, but…BUT! He just couldn’t bring himself to book in a class. Why? The fear factor; the ‘what-ifs’:

– What if I can’t do the exercises?

– What if I look silly in front of the other students?

– What if I don’t understand all of the Pilates lingo?

– What if I’m not strong/flexible enough?”

I remember the courage it took for me to go to my first Pilates class. I’d looked up various studios around Adelaide; serendipitously there was one just down the road from me offering several weekly classes that could work with my schedule. From the online photos it appeared to be a nice, welcoming space. The class cost was very reasonable. I learnt about the various class types + saw that there were a number suitable for beginners….but…BUT… the fear factor! The instructors looked super fit (+ I was definitely NOT fit), I didn’t know any of the students + had no one to go along with, I didn’t really know anything about Pilates + had no idea about what to expect. I was curious, but fearful; interested but overwhelmed. But…know you what? I did it anyway; I hit the ‘Book in now’ button + BAM! I was now committed to attending my first Pilates class. Best decision of my life!

Believe me when I say that I know it can be daunting to try a new practice, especially if you’re not confident about your body or your overall fitness level, if you’re a little socially awkward + you don’t know anyone. I understand completely! That was me!

Sometimes you’ve just got to take the leap. What’s the worst that could happen? Not much, really! Maybe you rest for an exercise? Maybe you confuse your right with your left? Who cares? No one! I can be teaching a balance exercise, carefully, calming going through all the alignment cues + then, what do you know, I lose my balance in front of a room full of students. We all have a giggle + everyone is relieved that no one is perfect + we’re all in this together. I can absolutely assure you that even the fittest, most experienced student/teacher is still working on refining their practice. There is always something to learn + improve, explore + build upon.

At Sol Space, our classes are for all levels of experience. We modify exercises so that you can choose your level of challenge. Pilates is a holistic approach to movement that facilitates a deep connection between body, mind + spirit. You get to know your body, its strengths, its challenges, + then you work to improve not only the way you move, but the way you think. Each class is gives you a blissful 50 minutes free from anxious thoughts + the overwhelm of modern life. Move, connect, explore + feel good!

So, my advice if you’re sitting on the fence about trying something new? Feel the fear + do it anyway!

Julia of Sol Space Pilates + Movement.

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