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NEW – 5 Featured products now at Clarity

Following our Christmas renovations in the reception area, we now have more room to provide you with a range of useful, healthy and effective products which support your health and wellbeing! We’ve listened to what you were asking for and have in store a range of natural sunscreens, baby skin care, deodorants, teas …..and MORE.

Today, we feature 5  of our favourites and give you a run down of what they are, why we like them, how they work and who they’re for.

1. No Pong

deodorantWhat it is: No Pong is an extremely effective, all natural deodorant made from delicious, all natural ingredients, blended together to create a sweat resistant, all day deodorant. It is guaranteed to be 100% paraben, aluminium, cruelty and plastic free

Why we like it: it’s Aussie made and does exactly what it says on the tin!

How it works: No Pong creates a pH environment that smelly armpit bacteria can’t survive. It’s tested on the sweatiest, smelliest people and it literally eliminates armpit odour. It has a light, fresh, gender neutral fragrance that has notes of citrus, with a hint of vanilla. It’s barely noticeable when worn, and light enough that you can wear a fragrance/perfume over the top as well. If you have a known sensitivity to sodium bicarbonate, a low fragrance, bicarb free version is available.

Who’s it for: For anyone keen to try a natural deodorant that really works! These incredibly effective deodorants are loved by men and women, young and old

We stock: Original + Bicarb-Free Deodorants, for all skin types.

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 2. Moo Goo

natural skincare

What it is: a family owned, Australian company with an entire range of natural and gentle products that are made with effective ingredients and no gimmicks.

Why we like it: Natural ingredients: All MooGoo’s products are designed to keep the skin or scalp moist, supple and using high quality, natural ingredients. No greenwashing, no selling promises of false hope, just real ingredients, all of which are listed (not just the fancy ones) | Eco cred: Most of the creams are made in Queensland’s first carbon neutral facility that uses solar power and recycles its own water. | Family-owned, Aussie-made.

How it works: New, natural alternatives are used instead of old-fashioned synthetic ingredients that were invented in the 1950’s (not only better for everyone, but also more aligned with the times). The Moo Goo philosophy is to make products as edible as possible, non-irritating, safe for everyone (including children, newborns and mum-to-be during pregnancy) and to use ingredients in a concentration that is effective (no skimping!)

Who’s it for: Crafted specifically for those people with sensitive skin, excema and psoriasis, this range is nourishing and nurturing for all skin types.

We stock: Moo Goo Shampoo, Conditioner, Lip Balm, Sunscreens AND a range for Mammas and Bubs: Scalp Cream, Bubbly Wash, Nappy Balm and Nipple Balm.

Check out our whole range on the online store.


3. Happy Little People

happy little peopleWhat it is:  the Happy Little People card deck contains 52 development-promoting games & activities for baby’s first year of life. They are designed to inspire fun & connection between parents and baby.

Why we like it:  the Happy Little People card deck began life as the Kickstarter project of mummas Kat and Bianca. It is a truly unique gift that helps mamas and papas combat boredom and baby brain!

How it works: the cards are tailored around key developmental milestones for babies aged 0-12 months, some of the key benefits for your baby include: Bonding & Trust | Fine & Gross Motor Skills | Body Awareness | Auditory & Language Skills | Exploration | Sensory Play & Awareness.

Who’s it for: An ideal gift for new parents!

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4. Eco Tan

ecotanWhat it is: a certified organic range of fake tans and body care products are made in Australia and certified cruelty free.

Why we like it: Eco Tan has some serious certifications: the Professional, Tanning and Body Care range is Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain Australia | Accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia | Choose Cruelty Free accredited.

How it works: made with natural ingredients including Cacao, Chamomile, Avocado Oil and Rose Extracts, Eco Tan’s range of self tanning products provide a long-lasting summer glow all year round. Free from artificial dyes, harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients.

Who’s it for: The Eco Tan range is tailored for all skin types – and you don’t have to be an olive skinned goddess to use it (though you will be afterwards!)

We stock: Winter Skin (ideal for fair skin tones), their beautiful Himalayan Salt Scrub and SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen.

Check out our range on the online store.


5. Organic Spa

What it is: a luxurious certified organic and vegan range exclusively formulated for the professional salon and spa experience.

Why we like it: it’s Australia’s only Certified Organic Professional skincare range and has been formulated using the best nature offers with vitamins, oils and actives that ensure each product and treatment are results-driven. Eco-cred PLUS efficacy!

How it works: each ingredient in the range is synergistically put together to achieve results on the skin while ensuring each product meets strict certification standards.

Who’s it for: The person who is mindful about using natural products, but wants something which really delivers results.

We stock: We have the entire Organic Spa range in store, with products to suit all skin types. We also offer tailored signature facials utilising their amazing professional range.

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Remember: Support local, and consciously consume. All purchases at Clarity Wellness support a myriad of local South Australian small businesses.

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