Playgroup Pilates

Playgroup Pilates at Clarity!

Introducing Playgroup Pilates at Clarity!

Playgroup Pilates

Motherhood……a wise person once said that when a baby is born, so is a mother. 

The same can also be said about our lifestyle. 

A new lifestyle is born. 

A new body is born.

A new mind is born. Or the current mind turned to mush from sleep deprivation 😉 

No matter how many well-intended words of wisdom we received during pregnancy, nothing can properly prepare us for the way motherhood would completely change our lives.  We now have to navigate the trials and tribulations of raising a baby and more often than not, we navigate it alone particularly over the past two years (thanks global pandemic). 

Motherhood has become more isolating than ever which is why building a nurturing, safe, non-judgmental community is important to me.

Playgroup Pilates strives to provide an understanding, welcoming and non-judgmental space for mums to meet other mums while doing some Pilates. I understand that with motherhood, the unexpected should be expected. I aim to ease those unnecessary feelings of guilt or embarrassment when your baby is crying during class or if you’re running a bit late. That’s a normal part of the rollercoaster ride called motherhood! 

The 50 minute Playgroup class is for connection and sharing experiences with the bonus of regaining your strength, stretching out your tired body and bringing some calm to your mind with Pilates.

-Kos Lee 

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