Prenatal Yoga at Clarity

This class is specifically tailored to the pregnant woman. It looks at poses to open the pelvis to prepare for birth, strengthen legs to increase stamina for birth & for carrying around another person, poses to open the chest & shoulders to counter rounding in the upper back & poses to strengthen posture to help reduce back pain & muscle separation. However its not just about poses, this class addresses the pelvic floor, what it is & why it’s important to tone it, breathing techniques are learnt for birth & beyond, optimal foetal positioning is a big focus & issues are discussed such fear, letting go of control & flight & fight response & its relevance to pregnancy & birth & many other gems!

Who Is It For?

For women who are pregnant. It is safe to attend from 12 weeks & over.

What are the Benefits?
  • develops strength & stamina
  • helps with balance
  • relieves tension in lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck & shoulders
  • calms nervous system
  • preparation for labour
  • connection with baby
  • learn breathwork techniques for birth & beyond
  • encourages a sense of community with other pregnant women
  • gives time to relax
It is still safe to do yoga if you have any of the following during pregnancy:
  • low blood pressure
  • pelvic instability (sacroiliac joint instability or symphysis pubis dysfunction)
  • sciatic nerve pain
  • varicose veins
  • gestational diabetes
  • migraines
  • low lying placenta
  • muscle separation
  • fluid retention (swelling in ankles or wrists)
  • nausea
  • lower back pain
You will need the ok from your medical provider if you have the following:
  • placenta praevia
  • gestational hypertension
What about after Bub has come?

We offer Mums n Bubs Yoga for you to bring your little one along ? Click here for more details

Further Information about Pregnancy Yoga at Clarity

We keep our classes intentionally small to allow a more individualised experience. Bookings are essential to ensure your place on the mat. Book Online to secure your place.

Class Prices

Casual Class $20
Class Passes (3, 5 + 10) available, click here for details.
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