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You can be forgiven for scratching your head and wondering just HOW you can relax and enjoy a pregnancy massage, particularly during those, er, expanded late stages; where it is challenging to roll over in bed, let alone assume a cosy position on a massage table!

Rest assured, we are specialised and award-winning in taking care of you throughout all the stages of pregnancy; whether it is your first pregnancy, or your fifth.

Women experience pregnancy, and all stages of it, in many varied and different ways; and we’re equipped, trained and passionate about taking care of you with individualised treatments which recognise your unique needs.

We are commonly asked a number of questions about pregnancy massage, which we’d like to answer for you in this juicy post! Read on for more:

I have had pregnancy massage elsewhere and it was just “fluff”…will a Clarity Pregnancy Massage actually relieve my aches and pains?


Ah! We very regularly hear the age-old frustration of the woman who, upon sharing that she is pregnant, all of a sudden becomes a delicate, breakable crystal glass!

It is such a strange feeling; all at once feeling incredibly powerful and amazing – growing an entire human being inside your womb! – …whilst simultaneously being told you mustn’t do any of your favourite activities, just in case you harm yourself!

Pregnancy is a wonderful and magical experience, but it can also come with a number of discomforts, aches and pains. When you go for a massage with the desperate hope to alleviate these, it can feel really disappointing to be plonked on table and wistfully stroked by an unsure therapist; while your aching hips plead for a bit of relief!!

Our therapists are all trained professionals, who are passionate about taking care of clients throughout their pregnancy journey. We recognise and celebrate your bodily autonomy and will listen to your unique needs when planning your treatment. Our therapists understand the needs of a pregnant body, and make informed adjustments to ensure both you and your baby’s safety; and our aim is to nurture and safely treat you to ease your discomforts. This may involve a range of pressure and massage styles, all catered to your needs.

How will I be positioned on the table? Will I be laying on my belly….on my baby?!


Clarity therapists take extra care to ensure that you are comfortable and safe during your treatments. Utilising a range of uber-comfortable pregnancy bolsters, cushions, pillows and supports; we can safely nurture and support your growing body as new life evolves, through every stage of pregnancy.

Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, your presenting areas of focus and your level of comfort, you may be positioned side-lying on the table, supported with soft bolsters, pillows, blankets and cushions to keep you and bub cosy and safe for the duration of the treatment.

Our specially designed pregnancy bolster sits atop the massage bed and allows you to lie safely and comfortably on your belly, relieving strain and pressure from your lower back and hips (bliss!), and is a wonderful way to receive massage during the earlier stages of pregnancy.

Throughout the second trimester, if you are on your back at any stage of the treatment, you will be comfortably inclined and/or supported by a bolster which will raise your right hip (so bub and placenta stay happy and well!).


What if I need to wee?


If at any stage during your massage you feel discomfort, nausea (or simply need a wee or a wriggle!), we welcome and encourage you to let your kind practitioner know immediately, so that they can make adjustments to support you.


I want a drug free home-birth and my sister is having a planned C-Section in a private hospital….can we both come for Clarity pregnancy massage?


All of our treatments (pregnancy included), classes and events  are provided in an environment which is warm, welcoming and free of judgement.

We believe in women supporting women, and live by the mantra: Your body, your birth, your choice.

Our role is to support and nurture your unique body during your unique pregnancy, through a range of services which cater to all preferences and needs.

What other Pregnancy Care Services do you provide?


In addition to our Pregnancy Massage services, we also provide:


Do you have any other Pregnancy Resources?


Yes! Over the many years of providing our award-winning pregnancy care services, we have compiled a valuable range of credible resources to support you to find clarity amidst the masses of information (& misinformation!) out there. We invite you to enjoy these, free:

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