What is Pregnancy Massage?

Our soothing Pregnancy Massage treatments are individually tailored to what your body needs. With our comfortable pregnancy bolster system, we can nurture & support your growing body as new life evolves, providing restorative massage to best care for growing bub & your precious body.

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Why massage during pregnancy?

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful choice to compliment your prenatal care. It is an ideal way to reduce stress and promote overall wellbeing.

Pregnancy massage relieves many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy, including: back pain, joint aches, sinus congestion, pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and swollen arms / legs (not due to pre-eclampsia).

In addition to that, massage encourages circulation of blood and lymph, and releases serotonin, endorphins and dopamine, which calm your nervous system and improve sleep, whilst also calming anxiety and depression caused by your changing hormones.

It also helps to create a bond between you a bubba, and it feels absolutely wonderful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be comfortable?

Clarity therapists take extra care to ensure that you are comfortable during your treatment. Our specially designed pregnancy bolster sits atop the massage bed and allows you to lie safely and comfortably on your belly, relieving strain and pressure from your lower back and hips (bliss!)

Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, your presenting areas of focus and your level of comfort, you may be positioned side-lying on the table with soft bolsters, pillows, blankets and cushions to keep you cosy and safe.

Throughout the second trimester, if you are on your back at any stage of the treatment, you will be comfortably supported by a bolster which will raise your right hip (so bubs and placenta stay happy and well!). If at any stage during the massage you feel discomfort, let your kind practitioner know immediately so that they can make adjustments to support you.

Is it safe?

Massage during a “normal” pregnancy is a perfectly safe and wonderful thing to do for yourself and your baby.

If however you are considered “high-risk” (eg. Diabetes, preeclampsia, previous early labour, high blood pressure) or are experiencing symptoms (such as vomiting regularly from morning sickness, have a fever or contagious disease, have abdominal pain or bleeding), you will need to get the all clear from your midwife or doctor before coming to treatments, so you can fully relax and enjoy your sessions, knowing you’re doing the right thing for you and bub.

How is it different to ‘regular’ massage?

Pregnancy massage is similar to regular massage in many ways, however there are certain areas (particularly points in your ankles, feet and shoulders) that your knowledgeable practitioner will avoid over-aggravating. In addition to this, particular care is given to avoid too much pressure in areas which may affect the comfort of you and your baby.

However, it doesn’t have to be all fluff! Your knots and aches can be worked out, simply communicate with your practitioner if you would like the pressure to be adjusted to suit – and have confidence in the fact that she will provide what is safe and effective for you.

What about after giving birth?

After 9 months of growing and birthing new life, your body has experienced a lot of change! It is incredibly important to continue to nurture and support your body as it adjusts and adapts into it’s new role as mother.

Regular massage after birth can help with: regulating sleep patterns, relieving shoulder and neck pain from breastfeeding, easing baby-blues and stress, reducing swelling and assisting recovery.

How soon you come back to your treatments is individual, and is best to discuss with your midwife or doctor who can advise.

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