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A winter must-have!

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A humidifier to increase moisture in the air for your home or office! This added moisture can aid in relieving sinus problems, sore throats, dry coughs, asthma, allergies & dry skin.


As a double benefit, a humidifier serves as a pretty night-light and the very quiet hum is a lovely, peaceful ‘white noise’, which is great for babies and general stress-relief.



How do humidifiers work?


A humidifier increases moisture in the room by spreading water droplets throughout the air. This is done by converting liquid water to water vapour, which then diffuses through the room to increase the relative humidity throughout the space.



Diffuser vs Humidifier?


While they seem similar to diffusers, the two serve different purposes and are not to be confused!


Note: Humidifiers are not compatible with essential oils. If you find you are sensitive to essential oils and are simply looking to increase the humidity of your home/office, a humidifier is the right choice. In addition to emitting a gorgeous glow, it will serve as a staple item in your home throughout the dry months.


Diffusers are for use with essential oils. If you want the therapeutic effects of essential oils, our ultrasonic diffusers are the way to go.



Some Features of our Acorn Humidifiers:


  • Sizing: The acorn humidifier is 250ml – perfect for sitting on your office desk (a great option for those days when the AC is blowing in your face!!) or on your bedside table. For a larger option, check out our white scoop diffusers.


  • Auto shut-off: No need to worry about your humidifier burning out. It will automatically switch off after the water has run out.


  • Lighting: This humidifier doubles as a soft, soothing night light to provide a warm ambience.


  • Maintenance: This humidifier is low-maintenance, with minimal cleaning required. A wipe over every now and then will keep it in tip-top shape!
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