The Year that Was…..The Year that Will* Be

Clarity on the Year that Was…..and the Year that Will* Be

The Year that Clarity Wellness North AdelaideWas….


Amidst all the discombobulating Rona-infused changes, the closures and re-openings, Clarity has had a great number of really positive changes. We celebrated our 7 year birthday this year! In honour of this special event, we commissioned local artist Elle Dawson-Scott to make this very cute digital artwork (pictured). We think it captures our snug frontage perfectly!

7 years holds significance biologically – owing to the body’s 7 year cellular turnover – and there is also some spiritual and philosophical significance too (old mate Steiner and the bible weigh-in on 7 years as being a “learning cycle” or a symbol of “completeness”)….whichever camp you fall in, we’re taking this 7th year of Clarity to be a clear and positive sign of the roudning out of a cycle, and the marking of a fresh new exciting beginning in 2021, which we can’t wait to share with you!

Before launching into the new year, we’d like to take a moment to recognise the important events of the year!


2020 offered a number of changes within the #clarityfamily, including:


  • Jo Horgan’s new role as Centre Manager (which she absolutely mastered, and continues to master, during a particularly challenging year!!)
  • Welcoming Melanie Smith – Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Celebrating the birth of Katie’s first baby Kip
  • Celebrating the birth of Sarah’s ‘second baby’*, Hugo (*first human baby 😉)
  • Welcoming Tori Bowes – Naturopath
  • Welcoming Claudia Krause – Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Welcoming Elicia Prophet – Massage Therapist  (….& subsequently saying ‘ta-ta for now’ as she starts Mat Leave in December! She will be returning to very wide open arms in May!)
  • Welcoming Christina Dyer – Massage Therapist
  • It has been amazing to welcome so many wonderful humans to the centre, but we had to farewell some, too! The (first) period of lockdown offered some space and solace for the team to have time with family and loved ones. For both Chantal and Tanya, this extended time of reflection culminated in the decision to depart the Clarity Family and embark on more time with their loved ones, as well as studying in new fields. Whilst we were very sad to see them go, we are thrilled for them to be stepping into their new pathways and sincerely wish them the best in health and happiness.


We extended support to our community via:



To improve your experience, we reviewed and updated some of our systems, including:


  • Building our Clarity Online Store – with a large range of curated products to support health & wellbeing, to be purchased 24/7 from anywhere. Shmancy!
  • New Client Rewards System + Client Login
  • New Digital Intake Form system – for forms to be easily and comfortably completed from home
  • Adding “Massage Therapy” to our list of Services, for those without Private Health – READ HERE to learn more about the difference between Massage Therapy and Remedial Massage
  • New online Waitlist Function (…this is back in progress! Updates soon)


The Year that Will* Be


  • Return of Clarity Classes – keep your eyes peeled for MORE Yoga (for all!), Pilates, Prenatal Classes, Postnatal classes, Meditation classes and more
  • Return of Clarity Events, Courses & Workshops – keep your eyes peeled for more Soundbaths, Creative Workshops, Retreats and events
  • ….and very excitedly….keep your ear to the ground on some special news of a possible new space! OOH LA-LA! Like all good series, we’re gonna leave you hanging on that one!!

We sincerely thank you for your ongoing commitment to #seekingclarity with us, and can’t wait to roll into the new year with you.

With love,

Sarah, Jo and the Clarity Family

*no guarantees o’course! HA!

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