Foam Rollers + Spiky Balls to the RESCUE!

foam rolling classFoam Rollers + Spiky Balls to the RESCUE!


So, your Remedial Massage Therapist has been telling you over and over again to “get on your foam roller and spiky ball” between your appointments, but you JUST don’t find the time to do it!? Sound familiar? Well, now there is a chance to do it, and do it RIGHT! You asked, and your wishes have been met…..

Our much-loved Exercise Physiologist, Erin Parish, has added a brilliant new class to her range of group classes, to help you iron out those achey muscles and ouchy spots:



…. This is the perfect way to get in that session our bodies so desperately need. A non-sweaty sesh using foam rollers, spiky (and smooth) balls and mobility techniques.


Friday mornings @ 7am – 7.45am 


This class is great if….


  • You love to move and exercise …. But never get around to your stretching and foam rolling, even though you know you really should
  • You need reminding and accountability for doing your stretches and foam rolling
  • A practitioner (maybe even me!) has suggested that you should take your recovery just as seriously as your training. These classes will be fab.
  • You’ve had (or have) an injury and are still in the rehab phase or you really want to avoid re-injury
  • You’re stuck for ideas on how to use your foam roller, spiky  ball or other release toys.


What are the main goals of this class?


  • Leave you feeling mobile, taller (hello better posture!), flexible and free.
  • Provide a class so you no longer need to worry about getting your recovery sessions done. Just show up, no thinking required.
  • Manage muscle soreness, stiffness, injuries and physical restrictions
  • Teach you new and easy ways to use all those cool recovery toys you have at home (foam rollers, trigger balls, spiky balls, massage sticks)
  • Better breathing! Which means better performance, reduced fatigue and improved stress management.
  • Maintain or improve range of motion of joints and do so with control and stability.


The nitty-gritty


  • All equipment is included – foam rollers, mats, balls etc
  • No need to worry about getting sweaty – great if you need to dash off to work
  • $23 per class
  • Class Passes available:   $125 x 6 sessions  |   $230 x 12 sessions
  • Small class sizes
  • Bookings essential – BOOK HERE
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