Roasted Red Capsicum and Tomato Soup Recipe

Roasted Tomato + Red Capsicum Soup

The cool weather may be leaving us, but still I love the warm comfort that a big bowl of hearty soup offers. Like a giant hug for your tummy! Smoked paprika is life + this soup takes advantage of its wonderful flavour, which perfectly complements the trusted trio of onion, tomato + red capsicum.


3x red onions

10x cloves garlic

6x large, ripe tomatoes

1/2 cauliflower

2x large red capsicum


2 teaspoons smoked sweet paprika

Vegetable stock

1x can coconut milk

1x can crushed tomatoes

Olive oil

1x tablespoon coconut aminos

Salt + pepper

Optional = 2x handfuls raw cashews




Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Roughly chop the onions, tomatoes, capsicum + cauliflower. Divide the vegetable mix into two oven trays. Add the garlic, a generous glug of olive oil, a generous sprinkle of dried oregano, smoked paprika + season with salt + pepper. Place in the oven + let bake until veggies are soft + beginning to brown.

Transfer mixture to a large pot. Add the crushed tomatoes, coconut milk + 1 litre of stock + coconut aminos (+ cashews, if using). Bring to a gentle simmer + let cook for 15 minutes. Let cool a little before blitzing with a stick blender until smooth. Season to taste + serve with warm crusty bread.


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