Self care – A different perspective

Delving into self care from a slightly different angle


SELF CARE – What does that even mean?!

Was the standard answer I got from friends, whilst researching this post! So I’ve delved a little deeper into self care to hopefully inspire you to take some action towards a clearer happier you.

Self Care: Is not only doing what is needed to refuel yourself, but also knowing what it is that drains you. IT IS NOT selfish. It is a gift we give ourselves to enable us to be in the ready and waiting, tank full, for when those around us are in need. Win win!

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When we talk about self care, quite often shines the spot light on the things we can ADD to our lives:

Read a book, take a bath, have a wine (take a bath with a wine), exercise, eat a nutritious diet, buy a plant (yessss!) and of course, get a massage, but there is a whole other angle to self care.

We can gain just as much, if not more by first taking the things OUT of our lives that drain us, and it starts with becoming more self aware.

For example: cancelling email subscriptions, so you don’t spend countless minutes every day swiping delete on emails you NEVER read, clearing your inbox, saying no, with love to something that is not working for you.  Decluttering, leaving toxic relationships, resolving complicated issues, making that difficult phone call, forgiving someone .

By first taking away the things that draw on our energy and take up SO much space, we then allow ourselves the room to refuel (did somebody say plants, baths and wine?…..) So perhaps a new angle on self care is to look within and find those things that are taking up your precious space. Write a ‘no’ list.

So that you can clear them from your life and find some room to breath and dare I say it…..(hella yes!) CLARITY!

With love, and warm wishes – Jo x

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